The British Public are waking up

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by matt12345, Aug 15, 2006.

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  1. I have posted and discussed conspiracy theories on here before and mostly got a hostile reaction. But even the main stream media is starting to question events going on around us. I’m sure most of you are aware of the 9/11 conspiracy theorise.

    Loose Change 2nd edition

    But even if most of you think these is a lot of shit. Most of them really want to point out that you should not always believe what you’re told on the news.

    All we hear in the papers is it was an Al quada plot. Yet as of now no explosives and no one has been charged with any crime. Yet in the papers people are being tried and convicted.

    I was up early on the morning of the recent terrorist “SCARE” .
    There was a specialist they where talking to on bbc news 24. Saying to believe that these attacks if they are real where planned and conceived in a cave in west Pakistan or Afghanistan was ridicules.

    It is a battle to control the world’s oil, and we are being used to fight this war.
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  8. Interesting video. Some of the evidence shown seems a little tenuous. I am just surprised that Michael Moore hasn't done this first.

    I agree that we are in Iraq for the oil and for Bush to get revenge for Saddam's attempt on his father's life. Also have you seen the change in Haliburton stock since 1993? Dick Cheney (USVP) must be doing particularly well out of it.

    There was a TV program on in 2004 called the Power of Nightmares. It was a full explanation of Neo-conservatism in America. The basic premis was that with the end of the Cold war the Neo Conservatives in power in the US needed a new enemy in order to control the population. Al-Qaeda and Islamic Terrorism became that enemy.

    All we can pray for is that the next US administration is a democrat one and not a republican and that Britain distances itself from US foreign policy.

    Again a nice conspiracy theory, but the amount of people that would have to be involved to carry this out would have been an OPSEC nightmare. It would have gotten out by now.

    Peace out.
  9. I knew i should have put this in the naffi This is now the SIGH thread
  10. Thank you for at least some serious debate.

    Acorrding to the conspiracy thoerist michael moore is the part of the controlled opossition. To make out Bush is nothing more than an idiot not EVIL.

    I know this is pushing it a bit but if you watch a video by ALEX JONES google him "Police State" He confronts him why he didnt brinmg this up and he scurrys off very quickly
  11. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    I saw this a while ago, and it is engaging, tho' I think that it could have done with a little more than what I recall was mostly commentary. I found myself switching off pretty quickly, and having to focus.

    I'm interested in your comment about Bush wanting revenge on Sadaam. I don't recall this in the film (might have been a part I was drifting in though). Was this reported??? I only ask why because I had already independently decided that the Iraq thing was unfinished family business, and I even said to an American colleague some time ago that I thought it might well have been an assasination attempt. So if this is the case I'd love to hear about/have a link posted.

    I do recall hearing that that first meeting between Bush and Blair (you remember Camp David, Tony crew neck jumper (M&S ;)) and George, leather flight jacket). Well according to reports at the time they sat down Tony asked George 'So what first?' George replied 'Iraq'. I remember thinking, that's more than politics, that's personal business.
  12. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Looked for a picture, but could only find a small one ;)


    shame, can't really tell if the jumper is M&S at that size. I didn't recall that the day prior to this meeting President Bush had carried out his first executive military command, the bombing of Iraq, so not that suprising it was top of the list of subjects...

    [align=center]Press release 23/02/01[/align]

    [align=center]Iraq Attack report 23/02/01[/align]
  13. 'We'? who is we? Have you done much fighting then, if so, with what regiment and where? Oh yeah, are you a terrorist? (Just out of interest :D )
  14. I found this, and it good to see the White House spin doctors back pedaling on Dubyah's comment.

    Peace Out.