The British Press: Have they been Got At?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Stonker, Jul 24, 2007.

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  1. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    One-Eyed Gordo had his first session with the Press yesterday afternoon at No 10.

    The 'wolfpack' (more like lapdogs, un my view) asked not-very-searching questions on the following subjects. The full summary can be read online at : so I have only reproduced one full answer.

    1. Flooding
    2. Intelligence and Security Committee Report on Rendition
    3. 24 Hour Drinking
    4. UN Secretary General
    5. Holiday

    UN Secretary General
    Asked further about the Prime Minister's meeting with Ban Ki Moon, the PMS replied that it was the first time they had met since Mr. Brown had become Prime Minister. They mainly covered Afghanistan in their meeting, and the Prime Minister had said that the UK was committed to Afghanistan, but both agreed to look afresh for the need for greater burden sharing in Afghanistan.

    Now, I won't pretend to understand the protocols surrounding this weekly junket, but it does seem odd to me - even with half the country under water (including my bit of it) that not one of these great intellects looked for an oppportunity to probe the miserly jock on his prime duty - the defence of the realm, or the commitment of HM Troops to Iraq and Afghanistan.

    How much longer are they going to let him remain vague about his intentions in these areas? And why do they allow him to get away with it?
  2. You need to attend a few Press Briefings Stonks!

    You're right, but you could argue that "with half the country under water" that this is bound to happen for the next few days - although, spare a thought for Hull, who are now recent news history, despite continuing to mop up ten days on.

    From the government's perspective, the floods are easily assigned to "an Act of God" (Whichever one you believe in), "unprecedented rainfalls", etc. Given the government's feeding of selected journalists with exclusives, you have to ask whether the average editor has the balls to actually take a stand and address the real issues of under-funding, poor resourcing, lack of critical infrastructure planning, et al?

    As far as getting the nation to focus on military ops? Sadly, I think that nothing short of a "massive loss of life" incident in either of these theatres, will change the current press reporting in tone or content.

    Freedom of the press, anyone?
  3. Simple answer: YES.

    Indeed 'Cyclops' was gracious enough to give an audience to the 'Fourth Estate' yesterday, and in a vain attempt to appear less 'presidential' than the grinning spiv he has replaced, he had that well beloved 'live-wire' Benn with him. The reason for Benn's attendance is so that 'the disappearing one' would always have someone else to blame for - whatever!!
  4. Benn is like a scrotum with the skin removed. Broon is not unlike the skin!

    what have these guys got that makes them suitable to be in ourgivernment let alone in leadership roles. this could be a long rant but so many feel the same that I will not bore you.

  5. If you think those two are bad, have a look at the rest of the cabinet. The Taxpayers Alliance have just published a guide to our new Lords and Masters. It quotes some truly frightening statistics - particularly regarding our 'world class' education system.

    TPA Cabinet Guide
  6. Surely the miserable one has alluded to that in the answer you posted?

    While I admit he ain't covered the whole Defence of the Realm piece you can't blame the bloke for being vaguely focussed on the wetness at home? The holiday bit is clearly of less importance but you can only answer the questions that are put in fron of you.
  7. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    I think that is exactly my point. This evasive Jock is now in charge of Britain's biggest foreign policy disaster in 50 years, with his army on the point of being 'broken' - and the first chance the Press get to ask him to say something about it - they prod instead about 24 hour drinking and his fecking holiday plans.

    It feels almost as if they've been told "the two front war is off limits for public discussion" - and with all the fierce independence for which Fleet Street has long been feared, they meekly said "OK - as long as we can ask him if he's going to Clacton?". :roll:
  8. Yeah sorry for being dim - it occurred to me after I posted that you're making a subtle point and I'd missed the thrust of it - apologies.

    However as you know this is nothing new - all of the journos will give the boy an easy ride for a while in the hope of being able to secure privileged access for the rest of his term.
  9. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    He's been clutching the purse strings for 10 years without granting privileged access - not much fecking chance he's gonna break that habit now, is there?

    I live my life by 2 rules.

    Rule 1: never trust a Frenchman.
    Rule 2: Treat all press men as French.

    These kind of people will - like that ubiquitous Kate Adie bloke in Bosnia - swear blind they are "only trying to tell the truth", when in fact all they are really trying to do is sell more papers/get more viewers and a higher pay check.

    Maybe 1 in 10 reporters is properly inquisitive and honest, but I fear the figure is not even as high as that: I see this No 10 press briefing as evidence thereof.
  10. I understood that Murdoch (an Aussie Git as only they can breed) had some sort of thing going with Blur during his time.

    That 'something' would be done with Bruin would cum as no surprise to me.

    I detested Blur from the first time I saw him, Snake Oil Salesman was my favoured term for Dear Leader and contempt flowed for the natural born lier.

    Bruin however is a different kettle of slippery slimy eel. At this moment in time my old army mate is visiting. He's a Jock as where strangely, most of my best mates from thoes days.

    He's not as tolerant of Bruin as we simple English souls are and he has studied Bruin over the years. Father was a 'Presbitierian' minister of the strick variaty and from Pa cums much of El Gordeno's basic thoughts.

    I do belive he detests England and the Union, that has brouught us so much 'Collective Streangth' and which allowed this Tiny Septered Isle to become the world Power that it was. And his Obsession with the failed continet is beyond me after all we did for them.


    Far to long a post but for all the venom I could and will project Gorden will win the next election if the Tory party can only field that Great waste of time space and distance Cammeroon.
  11. Jonwilly Nice one so true, Gordon has given more to Scotland money than England. Will Scotland break away from U.K? I read that the Tory waste of space (Cammeroon) is swanning around the world.
  12. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    Cameroon is in Africa - and so is the Tory waste of space. Speaking on BeebTV last night he explained that he had been in his flooded Witney constituency and environs on Sunday, and was in constant touch with the local council via satphone.

    "Things in Witney are connected to what happens in other countries, he said, that is why it is so important to engage with them" or words to that effect.