The British post-1945 COIN scorecard

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by alib, May 27, 2010.

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  1. By Thomas E. Ricks on FP
    Interesting paper, especially the myths section.

    I liked the lessons of Empire section:
    And this is an interesting point following on from that:
    I just hope none of the tightfisted New Tories headed for the MOD bearing hatchets take that as meaning Snatch Landies and no body armor will encourage "Innovation".
  2. Where exactly is the tie?
  3. A very interesting read
  4. Hindsight is a wonderful gift,especially when lecturing to the spams,given that he was commanding a Gurkha Battalion in Afghanistan,I doubt this knob was even born,when Aden was at its height,another book basher,I think.
  5. Utter shite. Military history can involve an element of hindsight, because it can be far from a merely academic exercise. Is it now compulsory to have been born before a campaign which you are writing about? Why are you against serving personnel writing about such subjects?
  6. Find me a war that conforms to "contemporary Western ethics" in our Western history or recent ones for feck sake? Bribery, intimidation and the odd distant high tech atrocity are all part of the package.

    US COIN theory comes straight out of the French experience in Algeria, adorned with social network analysis and retinal scans but ending up with quadrillage with still the whiff of blowtorch lingering in the memory, and lately a rather liberal use of messily targeted assassinations by drone.

    At Hama in 82 perhaps she has a point but she seems ignorant of how the 40th army fought and lost and how Chechnya generationally simmers on despite the encouraging pile of skulls?

    I'll be charitable here: yer Dari speaking women from Harvard seems to have a rather narrow base of knowledge in the subject naively interpreted. It's like her sole knowledge of our current wars come from watching Fox and reading Pentagon briefings.