The British Military Tournament Returns!

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ABF The Soldiers’ Charity are delighted to present the British Military Tournament; bringing together all the best elements of the world famous Royal Tournament and incorporating them into a new show for the 21st century!

* 500 troops
* 145 horses
* Massed bands
* The field gun race
* Narration by Anthony Andrews with contributions by Stephen Fry, Joanna Lumley and Dame Judi Dench

* And much much more…

Visit the Soldiers' Charity website for more details.
Good! :D
StJohnguy said:
Great! I used to really enjoy first aid duty at the tournament.
Funny you should say that..the first Royal Tournament I went to was with my father, who at the time was Div Supt of the Grays Must have been late 70's


Book Reviewer
Sweet to see it return, my little one will be well pleased
Booking tickets now! :D

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