"The British Military Garrison in Ireland"

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by HarryPalmer, Apr 8, 2008.

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  1. From Sinn Fein's website.



    I see the RUC are still in existence too.
  2. Well not really surprising I suppose. Last time I looked Northern Ireland was part of the United Kingdom and as such can be garrisoned as the government sees fit. Hmmm RUC??
  3. that website asnt changed its info in at least 8 years, I remember looking at this page in 2000:

    Brit Army in NI
  4. Glad to see that Sinn Fein are not trapped in the past and ready to move on. They must really miss us and the RUC!!
  5. I love the idea that Queen's UOTC are part of the "fully operational" British Army.
  6. The news that we keep a battleship in Carlingford lough is particularly pleasing.
  7. Shocker headline, "British troops garrisoned in UK!".

    Whatever next? There'll be a public outcry. :roll:
  8. Silly double post
  9. Though is more like 5000 troops, the sooner we are completely out of NI, the better.
  10. Yeah what the murdering scum bags forget is that Northern Ireland is British and also if it was not for the Army protecting Scum bags like Adams and his puppet McGunniess they would have been killed a long time ago these people are terrorists and should be locked up or move to the Freestate and fcuk off from britian fresh air theifs thats them they like our queen when she is on bank notes don't they. 100k a year for what thats what they are paid by the british.
  11. Why?

    Loads to do
    Loads to see
    Loads to drink
    Loads of scenery
    Loads of history

    The odd fruit loop trying to have a pop
  12. define out. OP BANNER is no longer, there will be a garrison based on the mainland regional model, where a brigade training for overseas ops will be in place in province permanently.
  13. Because we did not belong there then, should have been a UN force, and do not belong there now.
  14. Completely out. That brigade for overseas ops can train anywhere. No reason for it to be in the six counties.
  15. Kevin you will be saying next then that the british army shouldn't be aloud in the rest of britain. Of course they should be aloud in N.I it is BRITISH