The British Lefts Solution for "Terrorism Root Cause"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by mora, Jun 10, 2006.

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  1. Jenny Tonge is a Liberal Democrat member of the British parliament, makes the solution clear. It is the existence of the "apartheid wall", which is forcing suicide bombers to export themselves to Iraq. Remove the "apartheid wall", and they will no longer feel obliged to travel so far in order to self combust. Jenny Tonge in her inelegant has made the best case ever for the Israeli security fence.

    The Barrier works, then.

    London mayor, Livingstone says suicide bombers are justified because they don't have jet fighters (i.e. demand outstripping supply), and now Tonge justifies it as an export-led push for growth (supply outstripping demand). Can they both be right? Is there an arbitrage market for suicide bombers?

    Jenny Tonge in January 2004 said that she would consider becoming a suicide bomber if she were Palestinian (and subsequently led a minute's silence in March — in the House of Commons no less — for the deceased Hamas leader Sheikh Yassin, who issued orders for dozens of suicide attacks against Israeli civilians). Tonge sacked over suicide comment by the Liberal Democrat party leader as parliamentary spokesman for children's issues for these remarks, but later she was promoted to be a "Baroness".

    From the Indie's letters page:

    On 7/7 London bombing comments, Jenny Tonge tried out a variation on her favourite 'it's Israel's fault' trope on the ITV News Channel. Saying that the main cause of the London suicide bombs is the UK’s support for Israel. And "As soon as anyone says anything that is mildly sympathetic to the Palestinians, they are accused of anti-Semitism. "
  2. But of course! Shelling families at the seaside is much more effective!

    Mora id stay off public transport in Tel Aviv for a while if I were you!
  3. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I find myself in the very very disturbing situation of nearly agreeing with Mora.

    Mind you, Baroness Tonge has been known as a mad hypocritical moonbat for many years, and is only taken 'seriously' by a small select coterie of Indy readers, Hampstead 'thinkers', and similar extra-terrestrial moonbats.
  4. So Israeli and US methods have bought nothing but peace and harmony to the Middle East have they?

  5. If you were living next to a neighbour who wanted you not just to move but be wiped of the face of the planet, and at every oppertunity tried to shoot you and send his sons round to blow you up with a bomb strapped to their waste.

    Im sure you'd build a big fuckoff wall to keep them out.

    And if that stops them plying thier terrorism trade on home soil which means they need to fuckoff to another country to blow some other cnut up Im sure you wouldnt feel obliged to take down the wall.
  6. and british, the middle east mess, goes down to the Chatham House. The British committed the tragic error of making Sunni Muslim elites - the heirs to the Ottomans - the rulers of the new Arab states of the Middle East. Their aggressive tyrannies derived legitimacy from hostility to Israel. They repressed and hounded out the indigenous non-Arab groups - Copts, Assyrians and Jews. All the countries in the Middle East were artificial constructs of post-World War I British diplomacy - a reality that can no longer be ignored.

    Iraq was famously invented in 1921 by Winston Churchill, then the British colonial secretary tasked with carving up the recently defeated Ottoman Empire. Churchill's main concern was to consolidate areas containing, or suspected to contain, oil fields. He achieved that at the expense of long-term political stability.

    Palestinians in Iraq are angry at Israel so they blow up Shiite Muslims in Iraq. Very strange logic.

    Saddam Hussein invited in Palestinian terrorists to live in Iraq. He supported them financially. Now wonder, they are angry now.

    Iraqi Arabs resent Palestinians. They resent the money that Saddam lavished on them while Iraqi hospitals lacked medicine and supplies. Right now Palestinians are being chased out of many Iraqi neighborhoods. That is why Palestinians in Iraq are suicide bombers.
  7. Anyone who thinks suicide bombers are justified in any sense are halfwits. OldSnowy is correct she is a 'moonbat'. Just a shame these 'moonbats' don't spontaniously combust when their brains are coming up with these half baked potty theories.

    Still she's Lib Dem - not likely she will ever get an important role in government :)
  8. being waged by the donkeys who lead us in the West.

    She is right there.

    Unfortunately being a Lib Dem, she knows that Ming will never achieve those dizzy heights.

    He'll remain an ass.
  9. B_G_L, why she was promoted to become a "baroness" after she was initially sacked ( as spokeswoman ). not british here, can you explain how it works?
  10. The problem is the State of Isreal, that it is Jewish is the unfortunate byline.
    Arabs have/had no basic problems with Jewish beleifs, but the State of Isreal provoked the Palistinian Problem which unites Arabs to this day.
    Sort out the Palistine Problem and Jew and Islamist will get back to living together eventually.
    The US must have one hell of a consience for what ever it did to the Parents of the Isreali State.
  11. Not too sure on that one, appears she was sacked from the Lib Dems front row in 2004 but given a peerage in 2005. She has probably done some good work in her time and is probably seen as a good egg when she keeps her opinions on international affairs to her self. - There have been a lot of British MP's that have said things that haunt the rest of their careers but never adversely affect them in the long run.

    Just googling throws up a lot of results but I don't have time at the moment to dig through them all to find out why exactly she was recognised in this way.

    The Lib Dems don't say too much about her. Since they will never get to run the country unless the electorial system is changed I tend not to worry about crackpots within their ranks. ;-)
  12. She spouted left wing rubbish whilst an MP sacked by the lib dems then to get rid of her she has been promoted to the House of Lords where she will quietly doze off with the rest of pensioned off politicians House of Lords has had any power it had gradually eroded only effective in the last two years of a Parliament when it can delay legislation long enough until the next election By the way the mad leftie is also a Doctor of Medicine I think she was a G.P. Glad she was never my GP or I'd be looking for an alternative.
  13. That is just beautiful. :D
  14. Rant: :x :x :x :x

    i have had enough of people moaning about both sides!

    the bottom line is that they are both as bad as each other.

    What people need to realise is that this problem (and i mean the whole islamic-western antagonism) isn't going to go away with some lefto-pinko half-assed solution. There are plenty of muslims out there are nuts and want another caphilate crated that included eveyone. These islamic nutters won't go away, ever the best we can do at the moment is stamp down hard on them at home (UK, USA etc) if they don't like our lives they can f-off. Don't get me wrong i know there are people on the opposite side who are just as bad.

    One of the solutions for the terroism cause in this country is sorting out all those idiots who protest every two second because their prophet/religion/second-brothers best mate from school, was insulted.

    We reallly need to take a hard line on this problem and i really don't give a sh1t if the people who commit these terroist outrages have had a sh1te life, not my problem and it wasn't the fault of any of the victims of the london bombings.

    on a final point these feckers will be the first to come running to us when their oil runs out and they are all in a sh1te state cuase they have no money. (obviously we would have found an alternative source by then :D )

    Rant over :oops: