The British in Afghanistan. What is the result?

Is the war in Afghanistan a just war for the UK?

  • No doubt.

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  • Rather yes.

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  • Only in some aspects

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  • Only at the first stage.

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  • As just as Soviet war was.

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  • It is rather an unjust war.

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  • It is an unjust war unleashed by the war criminals.

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Richards admits that his biggest disappointment has been the lack of progress in Helmand, where 5,000 British troops continue to be engaged in heavy fighting. He long ago stopped talking of the “ink spots”, or areas of development, that he once planned enthusiastically.

According to the recently ousted governor of Helmand, Engineer Mohammad Daoud: “Since the British arrived the province has seen far more destruction than reconstruction.”

Many locals see British forces as threatening their livelihood.

Norine MacDonald, of the Senlis Council, a European think tank, has spent the past two weeks interviewing villagers in Helmand while handing out blankets and food aid, and is convinced that Nato has lost the battle for hearts and minds.

“If you’re a 26-year-old man and you see your house destroyed or your daughter killed, you’d turn against the British,” she said. “It’s not about global jihad.”

Edited to add. I haven't voted myself and I believe that Soviet invasion into Afghanistan was stupid, senseless, unfair and of course absolutely unjust.

Nato has said its biggest mistake in Afghanistan in 2006 was killing innocent civilians.
Nato forces in Afghanistan are accused of killing civilians in a number of air strikes and gun battles during operations against the Taleban and their allies.

In one incident in Kandahar province in October, 20 members of one family were among villagers killed by Nato bombing, Afghan officials said.
In December, President Karzai made impassioned pleas for foreign forces to be more careful. He met Nato commanders in Kandahar and accused alliance troops of "shooting around".

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