The British have made matters worse, says Afghan President

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Brick, Jan 25, 2008.

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  1. Words really do just fail me right about now.
  2. Right lads, down tools. All out!

    Vote of no confidence in President "not a puppet" Karzai.
  3. Karzai is looking after his old mate.
    Flucking Blitish
  4. Nothing like biting the hand that feeds you, is there? :crazy:
  5. Problem being the current British political culture of giving everything to anyone who asks providing they are not British is extended to these fronts now and they know that the spinless UK governemnt in place at the moment havent the tezzers to front them about it.

    They could walk up to El Gordo and call him a Cnut in front of the UN and he would still smile and sign away our dosh.
  6. Trouble is, he has got a little bit of a point. Our scum-sucking politicians sent us in there with insufficient men and equipment to do the job properly. I seem to recall the Liarbour minister of the time saying something along the lines of " we are not expecting to have to do any fighting".
  7. I bet the politicians will now back-track and say that they mean't no political fighting like the lying two-faced bunch they are.
  8. Well, when it rains... From today's Telegraph. This thread is in a way a continuation of last week's Gate's comments, albeit more blunt and in my opinion, highly disengenuous. Who the fcuk does Karzi think he is?!!

    Third of Army helicopters fit for the front-line
    By Thomas Harding, Defence Correspondent
    Last Updated: 2:54am GMT 25/01/2008

    Only a third of military helicopters are fit for front-line duty, seriously hampering operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, figures have shown.

    Full Coverage: Our troops on the front-line
    The lives of soldiers, reliant on helicopters for medical evacuation in Helmand province, are being further put at risk by a 10 per cent shortfall in air crews.

    advertisementThe Tories, who obtained the figures from the Ministry of Defence, blamed Gordon Brown for the problems because he presided over a £1.4 billion cut in spending on helicopters when he was Chancellor.

    Dozens of helicopters have had to be cannibalised in order to keep frontline aircraft flying.

    The figures show out of a fleet of 40 Chinook transporters, only 17 are "fit for purpose", while 20 out of 60 new Merlin work properly and only 25 Apache attack helicopters are functioning - almost a third of the total.

    Liam Fox, the shadow defence secretary, said the shortage was sure to impact on capabilities in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    "When I visited troops in Helmand Province, in November, it became clear there was a shortage of Apaches and Chinooks to support troops on the ground," he added.

    Col Bob Stewart, the former British commander in Bosnia, said the lack of basic equipment "translates into greater casualties".

    "If you cannot move people by air it means they have to travel by road which leads to a proportionate increase in the dangers faced," he added.

    The MoD said commanders in Iraq and Afghanistan had enough helicopters to do "key tasks" although "with more they could do more".
  9. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    you have to wonder what the fcuk we are doing in that shithole country if this is the thanks we get. Let the fcukwit stand on his own two feet if he thinks we are causing the problems.
  10. Bang on....and why not? Really, whats the worst that could happen? Taliban regain power? Hopefully, they would just have a civil war amongst themselves and forget about foriegn "infidel" targets.

    I can see Karzai`s strings from here :x
  11. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I'm sure he'd be happy to stand on his own two feet, until he was removed by a resurgent Taliban/AQ.

    Problem is, we need control Afghan to keep egg off faces after supporting anti-Soviet forces and getting them knocked out. Also the egg on face scenario of 'losing' Afghanistan to the Talibs and AQ, and thus allowing new AQ bases and operations to run from there doesn't bear thinking about.

    Whatever the outcome of this spat with stupid b0llocks, we aren't leaving anytime soon.
  12. This would be the same Karzai who threw his support behind the Taleban to help bring them to power in the first place?
  13. No, whatever is said, the Brits wont be leaving. But it would be nice to see the look on Karzi`s face when shown the timetable (knocked up that morning) for withdrawal.

    "Oh....errr......Mr Karzi....just how good are the Afghan National Army?"......
  14. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I agree to a point but if we did leave the place to the taliban I think they would be warey of providing safe havens for AQ after what happened last time.

    Pull out and let the fcukers kill each other, they don't want our help it seems.
  15. Yeeeeessss.... (as the great Paxo is wont to say).

    This would be the self-same Karzai who owes his position and continued existence as other than a grease-stain on the palace wall to American support? The same Americans who've recently been blaming the Brits for lack of success in AFG? Well, well. A small dog licking a big dog's arrse, who'd ha' thunk it?