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Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by BritishForcesFoundation, Jun 5, 2009.

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  1. On behalf of The British Forces Foundation, the charity that provides a range of quality entertainment for UK troops, we’d like to know your answers to the following couple of questions so we can continue to provide a first class service.

    1. Which performers have you seen when overseas on operational duty and who you would most like to see in the future?

    2. If you’re a Dad, what do you miss most about your kids when you’re away from home?

    Comments appreciated!
  2. I saw, Gary Rhodes, Katherine Jenkins.
  3. I saw Jim Davidson at Alexander Barracks in NI - for some reason most of the evening was a blur and so I can't remember who the support acts were. 8) .

    Keep up the good work, Forces Entertainment are a hell of a morale boost.
  4. I saw Jim Davidson, but was crashed out after about 5 minutes and missed most of the show! I think Katherine Jenkins was also there.

    I'm no longer serving, but Roy Chubby Brown would be awesome.
  5. Have to admit to seeing Jim many moons ago, can't remember any of the other performers from all the various CSE shows apart from one of the girl dancers who was in my class at School & quite a surprise to see her in the line up :wink:
  6. RCB was massively successful a few years ago, but it seems the country has surrendered to the PC Brigade. He's not a political speaker, but a comedian. What he says is undeniably racist, but very very funny - and made all the more funny by the fact that it's considered so shocking.

    I think the "can't say that" attitude is far more damaging, and contributes more to 'real' racism than any number of jokes.

    "Infantryesque" humour at its finest.
  7. Did you go round to the stage door?

    Did you?


  8. Now, That would be telling :p
  9. Is Vera Lynn still alive?
  10. So..... That's a no then. :D
  11. Seen Sheila Ferguson in the Falklands. Phil Cool and Little and Large in Cyprus, Jim Davidson in Germany.

    Im not serving anymore, but if you can arrange for Gwen Stefani to come around to my house to do a private show, it would be appreciated.
  12. Jo Guest always went down well with the lads :wink: 8)
  13. Seen Jasper Carrot yonks ago, and Spit the Dog, ancient but very very entertaining. Bawdy and risque tht's what we had.: for some strange reason, Drag Queens went down a storm after the first few minutes shock had passed. Their repartee was always good for a laugh and there's loads of possibilities. If we can't afford them and judging by Guz standards -how about Booties :? :wink: