The British ARmy Rumour SErvice Second Life Hostage Rescue C

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by the_butler, Jul 11, 2007.

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  1. [align=center]The British ARmy Rumour SErvice Second Life Hostage Rescue Competition.[/align]


    These are my initial notes on a bid for a planned event on RnR island.

    We invite teams of four (not planning on a sniper.) from any groups on SL (Walts too) to a Hostage rescue competition on the island using the Fibua Village.
    Hostages can be volunteers and civpop members. We only need 9 hostages at 3 locations in the arena.
    As mini maps can not be restricted locations of the hostages will be known (I suppose we can call this intel.) I suggest one location on the higher level of one of the buildings and one location in the sewers as levels don’t show up on the mini map. To avoid lagging the island we will insist on no gadgets for competitors and a standard assault weapon for all teams maybe the SA80.
    The timings of competitors on the island will also be important we could set the rescue time to 10 minutes per team with arrival 20 minutes before kick off in the Naafi for briefing and socialising. This also prevents crashing the sim with too many people and sneaky recon.
    Using this method we would be able to process the five teams per hour with a small break in between each one. This method means the competition does not have to occur on one continuous day it could be held over a period of time with teams entering as and when they are able to attend the island. ARRSEHQ members could act as umpires and the ARRSE members could be terrorists or even hostages or make the tea.
    The aim of the competition would be to rescue the hostages unharmed returning to a safe location.(the church maybe.) Points would be awarded for each terrorist killed, each hostage rescued and each team member who survives. Points would be deducted for Each hostage killed or wounded each player killed. Bonus points could be awarded by the umpires for good drills and deducted for detected cheating.
    The Prize would be a Monetary reward but we could also charge an entry fee to boost island funds. More importantly it would introduce more people to the island. Maybe we could get the sploder ball in the Naafi and some other tempting money making ideas.
    Well that is the basics of my proposal I now throw it open to the floor now for suggestions comments and typo criticisms.
  2. Wheres the 2 grand coming from butler? If its me i'll make it 4
  3. 10l a head per team
    4 man team
    5 teams an hour
    hmmmmmmm. ;)
  4. Tell you what, i'll donate 4 grand of donations money to the prize fund. You bung on top what you take from the teams. That'll make a nice prize for all members of a 4 man team.

    I'll probably not take part, i havent worked out how to get the DCS thing to work yet.
  5. Good idea Mr H. I'm in, as long as you let me red-pen your posters before you publish them :wink:

  6. Is that as graffiti or did I spell something wrong again :roll:
  7. Do the teams get practice in the OBUA village first?
  8. The village is open to all at all times once the posters and adverts are in place we would probably experience more traffic for recce's and team practice but they won't know where we are setting up the Kill rooms. :D
  9. Does 2nd life have support for voice chat? By support, I mean it doesn't slow down to a crawl when people start shouting and getting all excited?
  10. Thats a cop out Boney, just stick the thing on!!!! It does it for you....
  11. Voice chat hasn't been released yet and is still being tested on the beta grid as far as I know.
  12. But fully expect SL to slow from its occasional crawl to tectonic once VC is released. To be honest it totally depends how they setup the voice chat. If the chat client connects directly with the other clients using the chat, it shouldnt have that much impact. If all the voice traffic has to go back via SL's servers, it'll kill it.
  13. Thats one of the reasons i have proposes only a few teams on the island at a time two in prep one in combat and possibly 1 or 2 hanging around afterwards swinging the lamp.:)
  14. One thing teams could do, if they want voice chat, is exchange MSN/Yahoo chat details with each other then use that for voice chat. You just need to make sure your computer will run MSN and SL at the same time. Dont try it if your minxy.
  15. Sod off I can use SL and MSN at the same time....sort of....