The British Army on Everest...Nice One...!

If you didn't know about this already then go to their Website and show your support, this will be an incredible achievement if they get people to the top following the West Ridge! the main team starts out in March... Good Luck to everyone involved and make sure you shout out loud when you get up there to let the World know the British Army got to the top!!!

British Army On Everest

Nice One...

Best of Luck


The Development Team has reached the summit of Lhakpa Ri. They summited the 7,045m peak at 13.22 local time on Friday 21st April after a gruelling 7 hour climb. This is a triumph for the team, the Army and British mountaineering and is all the more impressive given recent bad weather conditions which could easily have stopped them. It was their one remaining chance - a make or break attempt - so Major Kevin Edwards, leader of the team, was understandably ecstatic: “This is just the best feeling in the world. To summit such a high altitude peak, to see the way the team has worked together and to have achieved a personal goal, are all experiences out of this world.”
Well done chaps! The blogs are pretty good too.
You can have a look at it all here

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