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The British Army has never had so much press as it has over the last few years.Some of it good and some of it bad.I do have some strong feelings on a multitude of topics concerning the army, but I shall endever to keep most of them to myself.The thing as is a serving soldier I do feel that we (serving soldiers) are being used as pawns by various media and political agencies.I for one am generally happy within the army, ok I banged out a good few tours over the last few years,but hey the job needs to be done and love it or hate it we are the guys to do it.I think there is too much whinging going on ,on our behalf.The people who do the whinging dont have our interests at heart , they have there own agenda.

The simple little subjects like getting paid the right amount without having to go to pester RHQ are important to me.Getting treated with a bit of respect on returning home after a 7 month tour would also be nice.You all have to admit our Kit issues for OP tours are 100 times better than they were 4 years ago.We are getting a nice bonus on completetion of these tours as well makes it a sweetener.To be honest I dont care who is in power at No10 as long as I am happy in my job.The equipment issues are getting there.We are only a small country that is grasping on to its World power status so I think we punch well above our weight. Maybe the current situation reference the armed forces lies with the general public.They dont know what its like to be in the army /armed forces , they just think that paras and marines are premiership standard and the rest of us come along to collect brass.Its not there fault its these same agencies I was on about earlier.

How do we get the message across to our general public ? I for one dont trust ''the forces favorite''.BBC only report deaths or negative press.Its great polititons and old generals saying there bit after ''the horse has bolted'' My input is.Dont worry about it, draw your pay, have a good time, if you dont like the tours sign off, you dont like your job transfer,make the very most of it.You can bet civvie street doesnt give a stuff about you ,so why worry about them.Stick with your mates and just get on with it.We cannot change or control whats going on outside the army.

We are the British Army the very best in the world , we know we are.What we lack in kit we more than make up for in balls, attitude and training.The old boys used to fight in ammo boots.So chins up.Dont get drawn into these current subjects stirred up by punters who have no clue whats so ever. Rant over !

You've made some good points there but spare a thought for us matelots as well! As you're only fully too aware yourself, we're deployed more and more often on land in the current climate.

Just look at Afghanistan-3 Cdo Bde with CAS from the Fleet Air Arm! Everytime someone appears on the television wearing CS95's, they automatically assume that it's the army!

The Navy has a major problem in that a vast majority of the general public don't have a clue what we do. In fact, a recent survey indicated that something like 30% of the participants did not know which service operated submarines. How fcuking thick are some people?

But ignore my ramblings as no doubt, the navy is going to get shafted in terms of the amount of vessels we get to keep.

Extended readiness my fcuking arrse.
I think your doing a very good job and in my time (70's) I didnt do as much as your lads are doing now,only things were N.Ireland and Germany with the lucky few going to Canada? we got stuck for Strike busting,the fcuking fireman,bin men amongst other things and things could have been better then but 30 years from now paveway_3 I hope you have as many happy memories as I do,and a new generation of squaddies will be on here having the crack
cheers pal

Mellow moment over


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,only things were N.Ireland and Germany

Back then Tommy Atkins got a hell of a lot more stick from the media that the lads in the sandpits do today. I see a lot of criticism of policy, the MoD and lack of Government support for the forces, but little criticism of the forces themselves unless they've been daft enough to commit a criminal act, film it then drop the film into Boots for processing.

As for the Matelots? Theres been a bunch of them going round the country doing 'Meet the Navy' things. Inviting business people and ex-Matelots to hotels. I went with me Mum who is an ex WREN. Thought I'd take the Mick. "So, how big are your boats exactly?" That sort of thing.

The hour was interesting and I learned a lot about what you lot get up to these days.

Reading the Sun aint the whole picture when it comes to public perception of the forces.


Well said P3....but dont forget us CRABS!!!!!

(ok,I'm ex-crab but it's the thought that count!)


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Sooo pack up yer troubles in yer ol' kit bag and smile, smile, smile..... :D
Exactly, I cannot comment on the RAF however it is common knowledge that they do have better conditions than the army.Still we all new that when we joined the army .
paveway_3 said:
My whole point is not to bitch , its to get on with it because there is no point in bitching is there?

I wouldn't be bitching either mate, if I'd been humping the female posters on here.


Paveway I totally agree with your comments above, I love my job and dont want to leave . But I do like a good whinge especially at the Boss after one or two pints of JD and Coke
get yourself the DVD set of the first t.v. series of 'Rome' made by HBO.
There is two soldier buddies in it who you will be able to relate to.

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