The British Army, Modern and Professional?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Nickhere, Nov 11, 2008.

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  1. Yes, he looks ally as f*ck, which means he looks professional

  2. No, he looks like he's a mess, as do the people behind him

  1. I was recently in an audience receiving a speech from CinC Land Forces. During this presentation, he mentioned that an American Major had said to him "your troops now look the way ours did at the end of the Vietnam war". He made the point that we do not LOOK professional anymore.

    This caused masses of debate amongst my peers and I from a large variety of cap badges, and the majority of junior officers (Lts and Capts) tend to agree with him, whilst the SNCO crowd I have asked tend to disagree. So, whilst on the Army homepage, I saw the attached picture. And I thought, what a terrible advert to place for a 'Modern and professional Army'. It does, infact, look very similar to an american soldier towards the end of the Vietnam war (which they lost, as I recall and I'm sure you know!). Not a good image really.

    So, what do the crowd here think?

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  2. You are right, that soldier would look far more professional and smart in No 2 Dress

    Nick - have you even been on a tour yet or just attended a few parades??
  3. The voting options should include "Apropriately dressed and equipped to do the job"
  4. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    A can't see the link between how a US infantry soldier looked and losing a war, likewise can't see the point of looking smart and all military like when on ops, you dress to be effective, not uniform and smart

    If they are making the link between discipline (as embodied in dress) and effectiveness then fair enough but I hardly think you can compare a 1960's US soldier in Vietnam, where there were several discipline issues, with our lot in Afghanistan.

    What next, scarlet tunics.

    Is this a wah
  5. What he said.
  6. looks like the majority of airborne troops during WW2 ... and we won that one didnt we?
  7. Fair enough. I'd change it if I could, if a MOD can feel free
  8. I think that his facial expression shows more than his uniform could, he clearly looks determined and focused on the task in hand, although maybe a little tired.

    What could be more proffesional than having soldiers that are determined and focused in such harsh conditions?
  9. I was a total REMF in Iraq and the closest I've ever come to the 'front line' on tour was clearing mines in Bosnia. I therefore feel supremely ill-qualified to comment on what lads on the ground look like whilst serving in Helmand. I would suggest that unless you've been in their position, you wind your neck in.
  10. mean complete with pointy things and a white cross to give the opposition the chance of a hit?
  11. You are doing a job well if you look good doing it
  12. My comments are regarding CinC Land Force's words. I suspect he knows, maybe you should tell him to wind his neck in?
  13. i'm still struggling to see the link between how a soldier dress' and the way in which they conduct themselves on operations and how they win a war?

    For example during the falklands (and i can assume some of you lot can vouch for me on this one) the kit wasn't exactly sparkling, but that didnt effect the outcome.
  14. Let's not forget the Israelis don't go in much for smart drill uniforms and have some really scruffy looking soldiers but managed to kick their neighbours arses , so all this crap coming from some septic is superflous . I'm sure there's a lot of Iraqis and Taliban in a graveyard who'll agree with me
  15. That's a daft comparison too. A soldier's abilty to perform and professionalism is down to his training, attitude and experience, end of.