The British Army in 2300

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by tebagagap, May 1, 2005.

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  1. someone has far too much time on their hands
  2. LOL Great stuff, someone obviously has a lot of time on their hands.

  3. Wishful thinking! Liked the bit about Fusiliers being 4 battalions again.

    Royal Anglian recruited from the Midlands only? What about their Sussex and Essex trappings?
  4. Do you think bowman will be working?
  5. who the hell made all that stuff!

    British army 2300 =

    The Royal Tank,

    The Royal Engineer,

    The Guard,

    The Royal Logistic Car (Stobarts Own)

    The Royal Army Medical Plaster.

    The Royal Signal Phone (Pay as you go)

    Royal Horse Firework

    bloody cuts!
  6. Looks like some sort of roleplaying/wargaming group. I never cease to be amazed at the amount of effort and care put into these sorts of thing but it looks like they've really spent lots of time researching and thinking about their stuff.
    This is probably one of the few "future universes" I've ever read about that isn't dominated by the Americans and as such is mildly interesting. It kind of reminds me of the Honor Harrington books though.
  7. noticed the union flag is missing the red saltaire :D
  8. Bloody hell - Time travel.... a proven thingie!
  9. So in 2300 UKSF will be wielding "Brownsnakes" 8O

    Could get messy.
  10. Honor Harrington bloody brilliant, the Brits in 4000 years time, tangling with thinly disguised Frenchies and facing down cowards and tyrants across the galaxy.

    She looks pretty fit on her book covers to.............

  11. Royal German Legion

    Oh dear....
  12. That's an obvious reference to the Kings German Legion that contained some of the most effective British units of the Napoleonic period.

    The site is a wholly derivative idea but an interesting way to pass half an hour when one should be working. Other "inspirations" are obviously the dreadfull Space Above and Beyond TV series which featured US Marines fighting aliens in Earth colonies and the Heavy Gear PC games.
    One thing that puzzled me is that if the army can have "anti-grav" hover tanks why do the starships need rotating sections to provide artificial gravity?
  13. Maybe the power needed to make a tank hover is much less than that needed to provide grav to the starship. it may be more economical to provide natural gravity in the startship with a rotating hull. Different soultion for a different scale of problem.