The British Army 2-star - The Master of Understatement

Maj Gen Nick Houghton has been speaking some sense regarding the US approach to the situation in Iraq as reported by the BBC:


"Major General Houghton also suggested US forces were learning a more subtle approach to security problems from their British allies.

He said it would be "invidious" to blame the Americans for security problems in Iraq.

But he added: "It is also fair and absolutely justifiable to say that the Americans themselves on the ground have got a far greater understanding now of the benefits of some more subtle approaches to resolving particular situations".

How very tactful of you General!!! What you meant to say was "the spams appear to have stopped shooting at anything that moves and calling in airstrikes on wedding parties".

Maj Gen Houghton also said:

"The placement of UK officers within the American chain of command has helped considerably in bringing a different dimension in terms of the approach to operations."

What he meant to say was "we have sent some British officers to their HQs and told them that it is stupid to shoot at anything that moves and to call in airstrikes on wedding parties".

At last, a senior British officer says publicly what the rest of us are thinking. (Even if the subtlety of what he said will be lost on the spams)
Ah yes, British understated diplomacy at it's best.


You would wish to be aware that the approach adopted buy the US Chain, while perfectloy robust, is at times prosecuted with zeal, the net result of which is that certain local tensions are present.

i.e, it's stupid to shoot at anything that moves and call in air strikes on wedding parties.
US strike destroys al-Qa'eda 'safe house
The Times reports that American warplanes fired missiles at a house in Fallujah believed to shelter the mastermind behind the terrorist campaign in Iraq last night. The airstrike was the second attack in four days aimed at the coalition’s public enemy number one in Iraq, Abu Musab Zarqawi. Brigadier-General Mark Kimmit said the strike involved precision weapons programmed to “target and destroy” a safe house he said was being used by militants linked to Zarqawi, the Jordanian terrorist linked to al-Qaeda. Zarqawi is believed by the coalition to be behind the campaign of suicide bombings and the spate of kidnappings and executions of non-Iraqis, including the beheading yesterday of Kim Sun Il, the 33-year-old South Korean translator. Meanwhile gunmen shot dead two Iraqi women working as translators for British forces in Basra. The women, who worked at the city’s airport, were ambushed as they were riding home.

The spams are still calling in the strikes - Notice the words “target and destroy and believed and linked

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