The British are Thick

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Oyibo, Aug 11, 2010.

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  1. And who are we to argue with Vice President Rahimi PhD (Oxon-ish)?

  2. Well, if he'd been to Liverpool, you could sort of see his point.
  3. Sums it up quite nicely, though he's evidently underestimated Gordon. I like his eloquence. I'd vote for him. (No, not Brown. Rahimi.)
  4. “Its inhabitants are not human, its officials are not responsible, and it doesn’t even have any natural resources. [They are] a bunch of thick people ruled by a mafia."

    He does have a point.
  5. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

    You do have a point,there.

    Add to that the money given in foreign aid to corrupt dictatorships.
    Welfare payments to those who choose to live off the backs of others.
    Benefits and free accomodation to illegal immigrants.
    But probably of most signifiacance allow terrorists,"peace activists" and other traitors in allegiance with(and possibly sponsored by) Iran free reign in Britain.
  6. Linky pls? It is not that I do not believe you, its just that this guy seems to have a sense of humour, would love to read the whole thing.
  7. Gordon? Broon? Did nobody tell you he's gone? My god, the Iranians are right.
  8. That kind of banter in the Houses of Parliament would be worth watching, instead of "his right honourable girly bum lick" stuff!
  9. Indeed. Seems like someone has finally sussed us out!!
  10. Not half as thick as we are going to be when all the youngsters who have 'benefited' from the Blair - Brown - Balls 'education, education, education' regime are failing to find jobs because they cannot: read, write or calculate.

    'New Labour' have ruined practically every aspect of this nation - ruined. The worst, the very worst government that this country has had to suffer.
  11. I spose he also overlooked the minor fact that our rather obscure little island is responsible for some of the most illustrious & renown discoveries known to man. DNA/Gravity/& the creation of the universe to name but a few.

    With these intellectual feats alone we probably tower far above our envious competitors.

  12. Yeah but if ingland people is all fick yeah then how cums we have invented Trisha and Noel Edmunds and other grate stuff and fings like the cure for my grand mums pregnancy? Some of deese ranians r really fick if dey fink dat livin in a tent in the dessert is cool. Dey even speak hydrogliffics!!1! lol (at dem)

    If u is as outragged as me, and i am rarely lived right now, den print dis letter out and send it to precident blair.
  13. Allah, after "our boys" got them their Embassy back as well. Tut. No gratitude some people.