The Brit awards - Stormzy? Who he?

You can find plenty of passages from Shakespeare that makes just as little sense. They both write/wrote for their audiences.

If you're a teenager from South London then the Stormzy lyrics you've posted would make perfect sense. Shockingly enough, Stormzy isn't making his music for middle aged men...
I wonder if people will still be quoting Stomzy in a few hundred years time?
Why on earth would a post BREXIT UK be populated entirely by the descendants of ‘Grime’ artistes? Still, at least it isn’t raining on him so I can only presume that either the weather post BREXIT is much better or that Mr Ug has fathomed the art of the roof.


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Given he's a millionaire and shagging this

He probably is having a laugh.
Probably needs to be a millionaire, looks a bit high maintenance and selfie obsessed to me. And in my experience the best shags have had little to do with looks, hope the wife doesn't read that bit.
I thought we'd established that Cavemen were black.
Only those living in caves made of cheese. Their more advanced cousins realised that rock was more permanent and less likely to result in ‘death by fondue’ when they lit fires inside.
Its sheer poetry.

Call me gunshot Mike or Mr Skeng
Check one-two, man skitzed again
******** you and a ********
Why is there no 'ye gods!' Button?????
I've just got tat comment.Fan of 30's musicals?
Nope, not necessarily, but there is a context. They were made at the height of recession. But ideas are there to be copied. So effectively I think we've gone back there. In context, I take it Dua Lippa or whatever she calls herself has realised that she can count to two, that every mouth has two lips- or may be her nickname is Tulip.

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