The Brit awards - Stormzy? Who he?

Check who’s message you’re replying to, the snail isn’t going to be checking any tunes out.
Who knows, one hopes she is
Not to meti
Looking back at earlier Brit Awards, has it ever been edgier than the KLF?

Just saying "F**k Boris", it's all so twee and predictable

First the music doing the awards with Extreme Noise Terror and the dumping of dead sheep at the entrance

Not to mention the M203 being unloaded into the audience at the end. Probably would not go down so well these days, (tho' might result in a return volley of dodgy 9mm fired from the standing gangsta sideways position).
Good to see the usual level of double standards and hypocrisy on show at the Brits. American rapper who was banned from the UK by TM for homophobic and misogynistic lyrics gets a rousing cheer for his protest. against this 'injustice'. Nice, yet everyone in outrage about just about anything else whilst they neck champagne and tequila and whine about being hated on the internet.


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And here we go.

RAPPER DAVE is facing a furious backlash after it emerged his album features the voice of his brother – who is serving life in jail for one of the most “ferocious and merciless” youth-gang knife murders in UK history.

Sending out an appeal.

Please help.

Can't seem to locate my surprised face.

Have you seen it anywhere?


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I'm sure my daughters had shoes like that for school, when they were about 6!
I was just thinking they looked like the t-bar sandals schoolchildren wore in the 1960s and 1970s!
Mary Janes? How cute. Pity he's forgotten the thigh-length dirndl skirt, petticoat, cape top and/or pinafore and cute little barrette to put in his hair. Although it does look like he's wearing the poufy blouse, pearl necklace, and I'd hazard a guess that he's also donning the suspender belt and suspenders to go with the stockings.
You're so judgemental.

You make him sound like a bad person.

Ummm, posting for a woke friend.

(I have heard of him but his music doesn’t seem to get played on Planet Rock, Kerrang, XFM (or whatever it is called now) or 6 Music. I assume he is utter shite).
As an old fart,77, couldn't relate to any of the stuff I inadvertently chanced upon,aside from 3 old tossers from the Faces at the end.Prefer this lad at Nice Bus Station.
American rapper goes up in smoke - motive unknown but any assumptions made are probably pretty close to the mark.

Between 2 to 6 masked men shot him, aye? :? His rap crap must have been unusually bad then. Can't say I'm too fussed about it; it is La-La land after all. I doubt none of the shooters, however many there were, were in California legally.


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