The Brit awards - Stormzy? Who he?

Lowest common denominator, though, isn't it? And headlines.

Any backlash gains notoriety. And so the ball keeps rolling.

The link to Priti Patel's response was followed by this:

I'm currently dipping in and out of it while working. He's nailing it so far.
I'd seen the Pie stuff - but this is very good from this bloke - one of his characters



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So Stormzy (had to Google him to be honest) wins a Brit award and uses the occasion to slate Theresa May, calling her a criminal and accuses her of withholding the money due to the victims of Grenfell (don’t get me started on that, there’s a whole thread devoted to it!).
What a posturing twat - this is in the NAAFI to allow weapons free and also because he has no business being in the Films, Music and All Things Arty Forum.
Music? You’re having a laugh! :sad:
you sure it was stomzey and not that mike rap feller who was shown on the news ??
Stormzy is a complete Virtue Signalling Left-Wing Liberal scumbag of a cockwomble, who somehow has deployed the Race-Card more times even than BravoBravo.
Of course he is. If he was a centre-right libertarian he'd just be a black James Blunt
you sure it was stomzey and not that mike rap feller who was shown on the news ??
My original post was from last year. I believe it was Stormzy’s turn then, but Dave’s turn this year!


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he is a very down to earth chap , big hit at Glastonbury last year . give his "blinded by your grace" a spin, i think that you may enjoy it .
Check who’s message you’re replying to, the snail isn’t going to be checking any tunes out.


Remember seeing Ian Andersen appearing on stage telling the audience that Tull had broken up and he was doing the Brighton (Corn Exchange?) gig on his own.:-D Cue the Idiot Tendency booing.


Just to lighten up things, this is Harry Styles at the awards, check out the shoes.

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Mary Janes? How cute. Pity he's forgotten the thigh-length dirndl skirt, petticoat, cape top and/or pinafore and cute little barrette to put in his hair. Although it does look like he's wearing the poufy blouse, pearl necklace, and I'd hazard a guess that he's also donning the suspender belt and suspenders to go with the stockings.
Looking back at earlier Brit Awards, has it ever been edgier than the KLF?

Just saying "F**k Boris", it's all so twee and predictable

First the music doing the awards with Extreme Noise Terror and the dumping of dead sheep at the entrance


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