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The briefing before take off is for you security?

Emptiest flights I've ridden are three of us in the back of a 24-seat SuperPuma and seven of us on a BA B777 going to Abu Dhabi on a Sunday. Commercial flight was epic: "Wouldn't you liek to sit up front in Business, sir. I don't think we'll be selling the seats to anyone now we're in the air," followed by the Business crew saying, "Wouldn't you like to sit up front in First. We're not going to sell the seat now we're in the air."

Economy and Business crews putting their feet up whilst First served us roast beef and Yorkie pud.
We had a similar experience in the summer. A380 from Dubai to Manchester
Only 8 of us in business and first. Two long haulers from Australia slept the entire leg and the other 5, 3 of whom i knew ( myself included) sat in the bar all the way home. The crew loved it and it felt like a 2 hour flight rather than 7 1/2
We can agree on that!

Totally irrational, though - far more survivable than a commercial airliner if you ask me, in like-for-like circumstances.
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Fitted for but not with
Didn't say it was. Saying "three of us in a large helicopter" doesn't really give it scale for those not familiar with the thing. Saying "It's a 24-seat helicopter" gives an idea of the space not occupied by sweaty bodies in bright yellow body bags on that occasion to the layman.


I suppose I could have put it as "with a maximum capacity of 24 seats" but that'd still be slightly ambiguous and take longer to type.


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As a kid I did many Orkney flights but the one that I always remember was as I stepped out of the old shed onto the tarmac I was told that I’d have to sit up front because the planes full, so I laughed and proceeded to the normal door with everyone else - to be told again “there’s no space, come this way.”
I hopped into my co-pilots seat, took the headset I was handed and enjoyed the ride
..... my only concern was that I might need to grab the controls when after take off the pilot sat back in his seat, folded his arms and occasionally tapped the stick with his knee
Mrs F as a teacher was occasionally only person on her flight and got to sit up front and had the odd shot on the controls!
Investigation update - https://www.ntsb.gov/investigations/Pages/DCA18MA142.aspx

I'm a little surprised this is a low cycle fatigue failure. Low cycle fatigue (LCF) is characterised by the part undergoing plastic deformation, at high stress and a low number of cycles to failure. It's much harder to catch because the time it takes for the crack to initiate and then propagate to failure is much lower. It's why they've changed the inspection schedule so that all blades with >20,000 cycles should undergo further inspection and subsequently at less than 3,000 cycle intervals and all blades over 30,000 cycles must be inspected immediately.

FYI - High cycle fatigue (HCF) typically occurs elastically, at low stress and high number of cycles to failure.

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