The Bridge (BBC4)

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by slipperman, May 24, 2012.

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  1. Anyone else catch this series, which has just ended at the weekend? I thought it was stunning. Some people may feel we have had Scandinavian overload over the last few years following Wallander, The Killing and Borgen, but, in my opinion, The Bridge surpasses the lot.
    Sofia Helin plays the joint lead, as a pretty weird (Aspergers), but sexy as hell Swedish policewoman, and the lead male (Kim Bodnia) who plays the Danish policeman is equally convincing and dysfunctional. The plot is very well thought out and it also maintains a high standard right through to the end of the last episode, which is more than can be said for Homeland! Trust me, if you like this type of thing and don't mind the subtitles, order the DVD or get it on I-player - it's the business.

    Sofia Helin:

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  2. Yep watched the lot and was hooked. thanks to the iplayer for letting me catch up. Excellent series. very twisty turny. The final episode was corking.

    Didnt mind the subtitles. Although stupidly I asked Mrs CD to turn the volume up, I dont even speak the lingo.

    The best thing on TV this year amongst all the tripe spewed out thus far.

    The Guardian did a blog on the series.
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  3. The last thing i watched that was Scandinavian had women who's clothes kept falling off at the drop of a hat and a dodgy soundtrack, dont remember much of a story to it either.
  4. I think I know that one! Seriously, stretch your horizons, believe me, the Bridge is worth watching. Quite a few naked women as well if that helps (but one of them, the junkie, had smaller tits than me!).
  5. Sound track went BOOM BOOM WAKACHA if I remember.

    Ta for the tip about the bridge. Don't watch that much tv but I will try and find it in google land.
  6. The Blog is quite good, thanks for that, cd. Just like the blogger, I really liked the dark humour spread throughout the series, in amongst all the murder, mayhem and intrigue. I thought the scene where Saga praised her team (because Martin had told her it was the normal thing to do) was hilarious!

    It is still on BBC I-player, so check it out while you can.