The Brexit Playlist Thread


And a few more



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Immigrant Song - Led Zep

(Valhalla! I am coming.....)

Won't Get Fooled Again - The Who

( meet the new boss....same as the old boss )

Freedom - Jimi Hendrix

( FREEDOM! That's what I want now...get off my back - if you wanna get out of here alive)
Already done I know, but a better video imo:


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After the defeat of TM's latest proposal yesterday:



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And for those Remainers earnestly trying to assure us that their preference for a second referendum comes is deeply principled and would be a celebration of democracy and not a betrayal:

Because like the Brexit negotiations, the words are just a stream of random gibberish and babbling that when repeated often enough is meant to impart meaning, when it means nothing at all



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You get a like for Chris Rea LP version - choon
After tonight's vote: Eagles - Hotel California
Over 17 million voted to check out, but pro EU MP's ensure we can never leave
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