The Brexit Consequences Thread

Discussion in 'Brexit' started by Sarastro, Jun 25, 2016.

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  1. Your suggesting that France will not check Passports on their side of the channel, that they will just let any one board the ferry or train, is that your opinion?

    If that was the case, it then becomes the ferry operators and train operators responsibility.
  2. Any links to your insight?
  3. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    How does the EU/Brussels meddle with our firearms laws, genuinely curious, as all the restictions I'm aware of have been self imposed. @ugly can you elucidate?
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  4. Greenland exit was pre-Lisbon, that means the rules have changed somewhat.

    Also, Greenland was a member due to their being part of Denmark (autonomy granted in 1979, but NOT full independence) so that would complicate matters somewhat as well.

    In other words, you're comparing apples and bacon, the two cannot be compared as the circumstances surrounding both "countries" is so different.
  5. Will these people simply not learn.

    Really? warning & threatening other member states?

    Words fail me.

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  6. Its not hard. The airlines do it.

    As I've said before. Both sides will be looking for a mutually beneficial settlement.
  7. The UK has more strict firearms laws than most EU countries, our own government do a fine job of ruining the firearms aspect of UK life all on their own.
    I had 20,000 euro wiped of the the value of a contract i'm working on in the netherlands as a result of this clusterfuck. There will be more losses to come.

    I belive it's 2m british living and working on EU countries.
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  8. Return on your investment may go down as well as up.
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  9. I am suggesting that the French may not check passports of people leaving France much the same as the UK do not always check passports for people leaving the UK (at Cheriton at least, based on personal experience).

    Transport operators are already responsible to ensure that everything is above board and there is still a problem.
  10. On checking passports in Britian, they will be sent back to port of origin... at that countries/operators expense.
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  11. Why? Did you expect them to roll over and repeat the mantra that UK is more important? Bit of a bummer to find out the EU wants UK to go quickly instead of them spinning it out for as long as possible.
    UK has said they want out. Humming and handing about delaying it for at least four months is not what was expected. I can't really see why anyone should think the EU would make it easy, especially as it's UK is the one that's going.
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  12. So what. Two can play that game. If they don't have a valid passport and visa we turn them around and put them on the next boat back.
  13. The EU to roll over, of course not I'm not that niave. While the UK is still temporarily a paying member the importance should focus on negotiations, trade and tariff's not dictating how 'they' want it conducted.

    The EU was formulated, constructed and so called prepared for the unexpected, was it not?.....oh hold on, the immigrant crisis fiasco is only one example.

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  14. And since Salmond was told 2 years ago that the EU will NOT hold any discussions with a region of a member state, she'll be told to go and play in the corner whilst the grownups chat
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