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The Brexit Consequences Thread

Can't afford food huh. How are they all still alive then?

I think we should be worried:

I‘ve just been reading a German article ( below) about Germans seeking work outside Germany using a Berlin nurse who jumped ship at 50 to work in Switzerland as an example. She did so for better pay and conditions having seen her employment eroded over the years.

The statistics used in the article caught my eye as Britain, with over 300,000 Germans, 50,000 alone in London, has been left out entirely. What they also left out was that the two most attractive destinations for skilled Germans are both outside the EU. Switzerland and Britain.

In Berlin arbeitete sich Sabine kaputt - dann hörte sie vom ...
In these sad times so fraught with death, destruction and division, one must take the crumbs of comfort and joy where you find them:

Oh dear. It seems after repeatedly trying (and failing) to defeat Arron Banks in court, Carole Cadwalladr has now lost for the final time. For the Supreme Court today refused the Observer journalist’s application for permission to appeal the Court of Appeal’s costs ruling in the libel case of Banks v Cadwalladr. Leaving her with a hefty bill to pay…

To recap: back in February, the Brexit-backing Banks won a partially-successful appeal of an earlier libel ruling from June 2022 over Cadwalladr’s TedTalk claims that he had a ‘covert relationship with Russia.’ In May, the Court of Appeal subsequently ordered that Cadwalladr had to pay 60 per cent of Banks’ legal fees to the tune of £1.2 million. However, she refused to accept this and sought an appeal to the Supreme Court, which in June, the Court of Appeal then rejected. Undeterred, she sought yet another appeal, which today has finally been rejected by the Supreme Court itself.

Lord Reed, Lady Rose and Lord Richards ordered that ‘permission to appeal be refused because the proposed appeal does not raise an arguable point of law.’ They judged that the 60 per cent figure ‘lay within the ambit’ of the Court of Appeal’s discretion and that, as the lower court did not err in principle or exercise unreasonable discretion, that figure ought to stand. Arron Banks saluted the result on Twitter/X with the triumphant sign-off:

"Total vindication. Meanwhile she raised a shed load of money from gullible Remain fans. Good night Vienna !"

He can probably afford a drink tonight…

It's wonderfully reassuring that no matter how many friends in the establishment you have, if you tell lies about someone they can hold you to account. Okay, it's taken Banks four years, and it's doubtful he'll ever get the full £1.2 million the Catlady now owes him, she's been forced to retract every lie she uttered and will very likely be financially ruined.

I wonder if Aaron will demand that she hands over her faux leather jacket so he can mount it on his wall like a big game trophy?

All eyes are on the Chinese Everdismal real estate disaster currently while a similar home grown European version is rearing its head quietly in Austria. René Benko‘s Signa real estate and retail group is massively up on blocks and could rock all the fragile Central European banks. They’ve been looking for Saudi Royal bond help, which is a measure of their desperation.

Watch this space…
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Are they actually far right or is that simply the leftist tendency to label anything they dislike with a perjorative term they think will scare people?
Meloni in Italy was labelled as a fascist, but she's just a bit right of center conservative.

Let's see if the stranglehold of the left in the Western European countries is finally broken.
Are they actually far right or is that simply the leftist tendency to label anything they dislike with a perjorative term they think will scare people?
This has been going on for years, purely as you say a scare tactic. The worrying thing is that in education there are too many socialists who pedal this BS and allowed to present a skewed view to kids.

When I was asked in 2016 in form how voted and I said Leave, one of the kids, a black kid, told me I was a racist and fascist. I asked why and he said everyone who voted to leave was, according to some of the teachers. I said no and the eu is a corrupt and broken and has been probably longer than many teachers have been alive and I had wanted to be able to vote to Leave since I was younger than he was and before many teachers were born, so that the UK is free to do its own thing and not be dictated to. I was berated by a couple of teachers, which amused me, as they said they don't vote.
I always found it tres amusant that the snowflakes in Glastonbury were bleating about the result but couldn't be arrsed to vote...

Despite Cameron extending the deadline to register to vote by several weeks when very few student types had registered to vote. It didn't improve the total by much. Then afterwards they were all whinging that the evil old Gammon Brexiters had stolen their future and their right as EU citizens to live and work in the rest of the EU.
How did this happen :) :)

Brexit has boosted wage growth in the UK just as the Leave campaign predicted, economists have said.

Senior City analysts said near record-wage growth was partly being driven by a crackdown on uncontrolled immigration from the EU, with employers forced to pay higher wages for low-skilled roles previously filled by Europeans.