The Brexit Consequences Thread


The largest state subsidy to any industry in UK history was the bail-out of the banks. Not one of the thieves was ever asked to pay back a penny of the trillions they stole and given they bankroll the political parties it was never going to be otherwise. Steal a Mars bar and risk a jail sentence. Steal pensioners life savings and you get a seat in the Lords.
Popular belief but completely untrue.
I cannot remember if it was thread or the Boris Johnson thread that a couple of wibbling retards were howling about spunking money on satellite stuff - Namely a Company called OneWeb that Johnson ploughed public money into.

50% ownership I believe.

Guess what :) :)

Why would Brussels do this ?

He He He

I wonder if Johnson will tell the EU to take a hike - After all the EU is bigger & better than the UK and are so good they could have this done & dusted by next week :rolleyes::rolleyes:

Long term rental is far better than short term investment ;);)
The subject of the comment that is so far over your head it's in geostationary orbit was a replacement for the GPS system.

You've gleefully linked an article about broadband.

You mentioned whining retards...
Local Tesco's, within the hour.




A rebuttal so well sourced it is impossible to argue against.
It's hard to argue against something that someone has just made up.

I'm no lover of bankers but for the record, the UK government didn't "give" a single penny to the banks. They made around £1,100 billion available in liquidity loans and insurance, at a cost - the banks paid a very large premium to access these facilities which, by the time they were wound up in 2012, had made a profit for the taxpayer. The bad loan books taken on from people like Northern Rock and B&B are still being repaid and any potential loss will only be known when all the mortgages have been paid off. The last figures I saw were a net cost of £23 billion to the taxpayer for the whole bank "bailouts", the majority of which was the loss on the RBS nationalisation (nationalisation of Lloyds broke even in the end).

Compare that to the covid job retention schemes which have cost about £40 billion so far and it's clear who really got a taxpayer bailout (don't forget the £38 billion that was repaid to almost anyone who'd ever had PPI by the banks as well)


What is the link between thieving bankers losing their shirts (and being given ours to tide them over) and COVID relief payments?
One was cause by avoidable massive greed and the other a Public Health emergency.
If the total cost is the only measure then WW2 wins by a mile.
What a shame you won't give the locations of these supermarkets, so people could prove to themselves you're not a lying f'tard.
You have photographic evidence.

What's the point in givng the location? Are you going to rush down there?

Did I mention, you have photographic evidence.
You have photographic evidence.

What's the point in givng the location? Are you going to rush down there?

Did I mention, you have photographic evidence.
But there is no way for us to verify when or where these photos were taken.

You could have taken them 1 hour ago at your local Tesco, but you could have taken it at 02:30 on a Sunday morning in 2018.

I remember some photos being shared as evidence of food shortages on faceache a while ago, they had obviously been taken in a Spanish supermarket.