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The Brexit Consequences Thread

Total countries exports in goods and services.. You can have over 100% because GDP is a bitch.

Harsh lessons learned, the minnows are left alone until the sharks get hungry....have you guys no history books in the entire country?

I still dont get your exports being over 100%. GDP will be a number.
What is the link to the graph?

The minnow (Ireland) chose to be eaten by a shark (EU) instead. But unlike other large countries who might use their size against you, you cant avoid the EU.


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Oh Skidster you missed a little bit of details out

Norway's fisheries minister Odd Emil Ingebrigtsen previously told the Norwegian Parliament: “If we do not get a deal by January 1, we will not open Norway’s economic fishing zones to vessels from the EU and Britain.
Just the one bit?
None anymore.
Comprehension fail...


Weaker by the minute....

It's a good thing that we've rolled them over BTW. HTH.
Exports where and to whom? Why are some of the numbers over 100%?

Some countries (small ones) all over the world, not only manage to look after themselves but also trade with the EU. Why do you need to be in a tent pissing out, when you could just be doing your thing?
For a country that harps on about its Independence you dont seem to mind giving it up.
How many of them negotiated to raise trade barriers?


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A thought occurred to me about the ham sarnies row; it has been entirely confected, but not for the reasons that the MSM understand. Quite simply, Macron has decided to have another go at causing disruption at Calais and Dunkirk, this time under the guise of animal health checks i.e. meat, fish, dairy products and eggs. The Dutch are delighted because that means more traffic for their ports and less for the French, but quelle horreur, they cannot be seen to be avoiding EU-mandated Customs checks, so they have decided to seize some ham sarnies while making a big song and dance about it in front of the MSM. Macron is satisfied that the Cloggies are persecuting Les Rosbiffs and the Dutch are laughing their clogs off that even more UK hauliers will be avoiding France altogether.

Always count your fingers after shaking hands on a business deal with a cloggy.


While peering through Sir Robin Knox-Johnson's blog I noticed this:

"The news that a British lorry driver had his ham sandwich confiscated by the Dutch Customs, as there is now a ban on the bringing animal products into the EU from the UK, should worry we yachtsmen who enjoy our visits across the Channel. Will this apply to food carried on a British yacht? Is it just fresh food or does it apply to tinned and freeze dried food as well? What happens if you are coming from Northern Ireland? It’s still a part of the UK, but sort of in the EU. We could do with some clarification as to what these new EU rules imply. If we are not allowed British animal products aboard our yachts, then don’t stock up for a Channel Crossing. One can only hope that our officials don’t apply the same rules to EU yachts visiting the UK. Apart from the fact they spend their Euros, there is no need for us to be daft on both sides of the Channel."

It's under Vendee Globe 12th January Latest News — Robin Knox-Johnston
Products of animal origin which encompasses meats, dairy products, eggs and honey either of themselves or incorporated into other products but a lot more beside

AFAIK same inbound from EU to UK not a problem, although no doubt it's going to be different for Northern Ireland.
How many of them negotiated to raise trade barriers?

Some of them could have raised their own trade barriers.

Edit to add, if trade is linked to other things its only right a country should raise trade barriers if it disagrees with those things.
I'm obviously missing something.
A bacon sarnie has caused a furore ?
So kin what ? Try getting beef jerky through customs coming from the US.
You can't. Its regs.
We just accept and reciprocate. Level playing field and all that. Tough if there's tears .
Some of them could have raised their own trade barriers.

Edit to add, if trade is linked to other things its only right a country should raise trade barriers if it disagrees with those things.
Trade can be linked to all sorts, can you give any examples of other countries negotiating to raise trade barriers?

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