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The Brexit Consequences Thread

Brotherton Lad

Kit Reviewer
Careful now. That was almost an expressed opinion.

Shall I print it off and have it mounted in the outside loo, next to my 252, 1157 and expired 1032s? Best wait and see, hmm?

Dont forget to pop the Cork back properly on the communion wine, Padre, otherwise it'll turn before next Sunday's service.

I'm not a Padre, though I do a bit in the RMC at Sandbags.
If his attitude displayed on this site is in any way indicative of real life, then it is very easy to see how he stopped flying.
Oh, I dunno, hot air ballons keep up there pretty easily...
The point is that you are quoting a bloke who is talking bollocks.
Not in the least, we tended to decide what that was...but if you're another who knows more about law than the former president of the Supreme Court I reckon your talents are wasted.
Go get him champ.

Brexit dies this winter.
Think you'll find you're confused needy guy. I've never said that, nor have I said we shouldn't leave the EU. Indeed, I've said on more than one occasion that as a result of the referendum we must leave the EU.

Your memory as accurate as your forecasting ability. Do they tie a bell round your neck when you go to the shops?