The Brexit Consequences Thread


I think you'll find I hinted at nihilism.
Well remaining in the EU would seem to be a nihilistic populist fantasy. It was pretty damn nihilistic for 3 years as well.
This is the history of populist fantasies. When you look closer there is nothing there.
No, not populist just a realist, no fantasy just reality, and the only thing not there anymore is the UK....

Been reading big words;

Brexit populism and fantasies of fulfilment | Request PDF

For Leave voters the Brexit referendum of 23 June 2016 was invested with hopes and dreams, of refound sovereignty and control, freedom and liberty, subjectivity and agency. Brexit was an opportunity for both new beginnings and a reclamation of British essences. Winning, however, has not provided the closure promised, and today Leave supporters often appear decidedly anxious and angry. Bringing together literature on ontological security with Lacanian understandings of the (always incomplete) nature of subjectivity, this paper provides an explanation of how it is that ’Brexit’ became invested with such high hopes of fulfilment, but also why the populist ’fantasies’ underpinning Brexit have inevitably fallen short. However, while closure around ontological security and subjectivity is impossible, the paper shows how the promise of fulfilment (and its inevitable failure) can be politically seductive and mobilizing, is a central strategy of populist politics, but as such is also one that is only likely to exacerbate the ontological anxieties and insecurities upon which populist politics preys.
February 2019

Time will tell.
You guys know that @Brotherton Lad is just fishing for bites right? Just scroll past his posts and ignore him.
The bus that said we could save £x billion, or the one which said we could spend it howsoever we deem fit?

I know that 17.5 million voters were convinced by it, but not me.

I voted to Remain.
And you lost. Suck it up buttercup.