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Another interesting commentary on potential developments for more Conservative blood-spilling.

'Davis distrusts coronations – of the Conservative kind, that is. There is irony in that fact, since he is the only serving Tory politician who has guaranteed one, withdrawing in 2003 in favour of Michael Howard. But he recognises that a Conservative leader needs to command the Party; that authority usually flows from winning a leadership election, fair and square, and that May’s leadership would have been been acquired an extra layer of legitimacy had the contest she won in 2016 gone to the membership stage.

'Furthermore, the prospect of an uncontested poll looks like a Westminster fantasy. Why should a Sajid Javid or a Penny Mordaunt – to name only two Cabinet members who might be put by their colleagues before party members – not seize their moment to win the leadership, rather than risk it fading away? Either of them – let alone Johnson – might fancy a smash-and-grab raid on it. That, after all, was what David Cameron launched in 2005. The man he beat was Davis.'

Davis waves away at the crown | Conservative Home
I heard Clegg was appointed as FB comms director to spread the message of the EU against the UK to over throw Brexit.
I heard he sought employment with Facebook because he couldn't apply to be a European Commissioner anymore.

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Mi6 says Britain is 'WEAK and ISOLATED'.

Our enenies are better at political chess than us. By HANDING OVER 'Surrendering' our hard fought place in Europe..We have BETRAYED the MEMORY of the British fallen.
Men and Women in Uniform BETRAYED by sociopaths in suits.
Russia carried out Salisbury attack because Brexit has made Britain 'weak and isolated', ex-MI6 chief says
MI6 doesn't say that at all within the context of your post. I suggest you read the title of your link.

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500 thousand British died in world war II alone for 'us' to have a foot hold in Europe. Now 'we' are going to hand our place back after all the blood, sweat and tears....we must not do it. Its a fooking disgrace to their memory.
Winston Churchill "Dreamed of a Europe without borders".(his own words). We must not become an open prison after what our people did for 'us'.

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"I have a five-point definition of a cult," Stein tells me. "One: The leader is charismatic and authoritarian. Two: The structure of the group isolates people. The third thing is total ideology, like, 'You only need me and no other belief system has any relevance whatsoever." The fourth thing is the process of brainwashing." The fifth point, she says, is the result: "creating deployable followers who will do what you say regardless of their own self survival interests."

One Bastard has brainwashed a cult following.
No they didn't. You figure is over-inflated by >100,000. You should probably take off the amount of those killed fighting the Japanese as well.

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I heard he sought employment with Facebook because he couldn't apply to be a European Commissioner anymore.

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Well, at least he might be able to shred some light on this?

'In findings published on Saturday, the Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport Committee said an anonymous organisation called Mainstream Network spent £257,000 on ads that reached up to 11 million people over a 10-month period.

'The "sophisticated" campaign included a direct call to action for users to email their MP asking them to "chuck Chequers," short-hand for May's controversial Brexit negotiating position agreed at her Chequers retreat in July.

'Mainstream Network has no known named organisation, UK address, or individual associated with it, the Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport Committee said.'

A shadowy group spent £257,000 on Facebook ads asking people to drive a knife into Theresa May's Brexit plan


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Just noticed that! Not just closed down but taken from us, withdrawn, deleted, expunged. What happened?

Mods @Sixty @Guns @TheresaMay who did the dirty?
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