The breasts of war

Always these double standards. Ask them to get thier tits out for the boys and there is an uproar but stick a kid on the end of it and then it`s ok. No understanding women sometimes (actually most of the time).
No problem with this at all. What's the score with fems doing this in our mob?
They are being photographed with brats on their baps to "raise awareness". Hands up all those who are not aware of the concept of breast feeding.
Attention whores the lot of them.

Now get that child out of the way and let me have a go.
Then again ...................... maybe it wouldn't be so bad?

No big deal here, the sheep in the field next to my house have been doing this for months!
Sheep! Are they nubile young ewes? You know the rules, post piccies.

(where did I put the tissues??...)
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