The Bravo Bravo/Oddbod Cuntoff Thread

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You misunderstand, golden yellow is the colour used for the markings on Ammunition containers (about £80 a litre).
Someone was robbing you as I recently bought a two litre tin for £45 plus vat, good for marking out walkways to keep people away from pointy dangerous things and step edges.
I am quite sure he can defend himself and he wont need an asswipe like you to do it. Scurry away weasel.
What did you get ROPs for, Dum Dum?
Out cnuting the cnut off participants?
It wasn't exactly difficult. Them two are just shaking lettuce leaves at each other and crying into their sleeves. I wouldn't be surprised if they were closet vegans.
Like I said he will not need a fool like you defending him, are you dim as you appear to have just backed up my critisism of you. Tim nice but dim would not realy apply to you, thick twat fits better.
Dry up, you perma-boring gormless erection.
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