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FROM DEFENCENET, STORY IN TODAY'S TIMES (though damned if I can find e-copy):


Private Adam Mills, 19, of the Staffordshire Regiment, saved British and Iraqi troops from a huge roadside bomb buried near al-Amarah, where two British soldiers were killed by bombs last month. He spotted the antenna of the primed bomb sticking up only yards from where his Warrior armoured vehicle halted and raised the alarm. Private Mills, was only four days into his first tour of duty.


Bravo Zulu that man...tick VG, Gold star AND milk monitor for the week!
Hope his mates buy him a beer or ten on the strength of it.....

Glod bless Generation X.

Le Chevre
Good Job Pte Mills, so the eye is quicker than the hand. If it wasn't for soldiers like that the Army would be in a world of hurt.

Just goes to show good training works.
MK1 eyeball saves the day AGAIN! This echoes down the centuries, nay millenia.

"Keep em peeled lads!"
sandmanfez said:
MK1 eyeball saves the day AGAIN! This echoes down the centuries, nay millenia.

"Keep em peeled lads!"
Who needs eyeballs when we've got technology that can do the job better! It must be true TCH said so...
Good call young son. Wonder if anybody did buy him a drink?


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As Oneshot says, damn good call.

Even if it had been a lemon it would still have been a good call - discretion being the better part, and all that.

(Until the Adoo get to emulating some of PIRA's numbers anyway.)
The soldier relied on his training and intelligence. A war zone is like the ultimate pass/fail test. You do it right and you get to see a second day and so on. The fact that this soldier was new to Iraq and was hyper alert probably averted a tragedy.


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bit more on that story:

On Monday 6 June 2005, Pte Mills' patrol was mentoring the Iraqi Highways Police while they carried out Vehicle Check Points. The patrol involved Landrovers and Warrior armoured vehicles. Having demonstrated how to conduct a Check Point, the Staffords platoon secured the location where the Highway Police were to carry out their check point.

Pte Mills described what happened:

I saw a mound of earth that looked suspicious and went to look closer. When I did I could see a small antenna sticking out of the top of the mound and some wires buried on the side. I called over to the soldier checking the other side of the vehicle and he confirmed that it look like a roadside bomb. We warned everyone and then the Platoon Commander, gave orders for us to cordon of the area.

"I didn’t realise the the size of the device until it was inspected more closely afterwards. I was just doing my job and am very pleased that I was able to use my training to potentially save the lives of my fellow soldiers."

Lt Col Andrew Williams, Commanding Officer of 1 Staffords, said:

"Maysan is a complex and volatile area with little if any scope for on the job training. The vigilance shown by Pte Mills, only 4 days into his first operational tour, demonstrably proves the value of the pre-deployment training and the standards of our young men and women.

"This particular find is excellent, going much further than simply disrupting a single terrorist attack. The recovery of terrorists’ weapons and bombs allows us to gain technical intelligence which we can use to defeat them and bring about a more secure and stable environment in which to carry out the reconstruction and training much needed by the Iraqi Security Forces.

"I commend Pte Mills for his actions and am delighted to have people like him on my team. He has demonstrated great professionalism and courage as well as making an excellent start to his career in the Army."

It is impossible to say precisely how many lives Pte Mills saved. However this was a large device and, if it had successfully detonated, could have caused many casualties amongst Multi-national or Iraqi forces, and indeed the civilian population.

There have been a number of finds of Improvised Explosive Devices in Multi-National Division (South-East) this year as a result of routine operations by both Multi-National and Iraqi forces.

However this find was of a significantly large device and Pte Adam Mills showed remarkable composure considering the amount of time he had spent in Iraq.

Le Chevre

Edited by PTP , PERSEC and some OPSEC breaches.

Guys please remember, before you post, even from Defence UNCLAS sources, read the thing through , remove names and any technical detail that may be of use to others.

Do not assume that because it appears in print , it has been checked properly by the originating source.


That's got to be worth an early slot on an NCO cadre and early promotion. I've known a few guys who have done less and deserved less but received more. Blagging gits.


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Fair cop PTP - but can we plse restore the shot of the find itself ( as it appears on the site given in the post above) ...'satiable curiosity on my part....what the hell are these things ?

Le Chevre

It makes you wonder if this release was done by anyone in the Military :roll:
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