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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by exbleep, May 13, 2012.

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  1. OK, we've had GILFs, MILFs, Cameltoes, Unseen Celebrity Tits, Women of all persuasions but we don't seem to have had my particular like, the bottom, the derriere, the arse, the lovely, wobbly bit that follows the objects of our desire. There's something about the bottom that stirs what little there is left in me to stir. You can squeeze it, caress it, cuddle it and, as some of you obviously have a penchant for, still your willy in it. However, I am not talking of those great bit horrible wobbly things you see floating around that sit on the reverse of a McDonaldseatingPepsiguzzlingGreggsbingingWobblyarse. No, I am talking of those lovely, rounded and (sometimes) sticky out bums. To my mind, a bum worthy of its name should have the roundness, the smoothness, the squeezability and, most of all, the wobbliness of a firm jelly. There are plenty out there that stretch the bounds of incredulity as well as the stretching the bounds of elasticated jeans and spill over the sides of Bridget Jones' knickers.
    To start you, here's some which have made the pages of the aforementioned tit threads and others:

    One of the original and favourite on this site. Carol Vorderman
    Of course, the one who has taken over is a firm (well, to me anyway) favourite. The lovely, cuddly and sticky out bum of Rachel Riley
    Of course, some show a little more and this ex rear of the year Kayleigh Pearson shows why she deserved it:
    And, for those of a certain age, a blast from the past who really had it all, Sophia Loren
    Please, the tasteful ones will earn more kudos than the jelly roll abominations
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  2. Don't forget the most famous one:

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  3. Claire from steps looking very womanly...

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  4. Exactly what was NOT being looked for. And a NSFW would have helped, thank you.
  5. For Jarrod, with love:

  6. Unless this is somehow treason:

  7. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Hmm she has an arse like a 12 year boy which is fine if thats your thing! However not mine at all, and as for her Sister dear gods will someone please make her eat something! The poor girl is stick thin and far to pretty to look like a stick.
  8. I second that. A woman needs to have a proper sized arse to interest me. Bones are for dogs, meat is for men.
  9. Your meat is for men??? Does Jarrod know about this?
  10. Did you see the word "your" in that above quote? Get some new glasses.
  11. fu2

    fu2 LE

    coco.jpg cocot.jpg

    The wife of rapper Ice T !!! oh sit on my face and tell me that you love me
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  12. Oddly I was given new glasses on Saturday night :)
  13. Charisma_Carpenter.jpg
    Charisma Carpenter
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  14. kylie25.JPG

    Mmmmmm! Kylie :thumright:
  15. Coco's arse is implants. You can't beat a real one.