The Boskovic Regime - If i were Prime Minister

The Boskovic Regime - A Healthy Body, A Healthy Mind

Everybody thinks of changes they would like to make if they were one day prime minister of the country. well ive decided to post mine on here. Over the course of the next few weeks im going to cover hot topics such as immigration and obesity.

As Prime Minister of England the first thing i see as necersary to tackle is child obesity problems. People need to take more care of themselves but the average joe can not be left to deal with this themselves and i feel a need to take control. These beliefs have been compared to Adolf Hitler and his 'super race' but i see a need to help people gain a decent level of fitness because it is well known that a healthy body is a healthy mind. I would instill a Basic Personal Fitness Test like the one the British Army currently employ. It consists of 44 press ups in 2 minutes, 49 sit ups in 2 minutes and a mile and a half run in 1030 for males. Obviously these are high standards and i would not expect normal civilians to adhere to these standards. Civilians would be required to report to their local gym (This is short for Gymnasium for those who have never heard of one, nevermind considered going) to be tested twice a year. For those who fail there would be a basic remedial fitness program issued and they would be required to join a local gym to carry out this program in order to reach the required standards.

The 4 Year Recovery Program -

Obviously people who are currently overwieght or significantly unfit will not be able to reach the required standards straight away and they would be 'assesed' and then issued with a regimen fit for them. they will be expected to reach certain standards at each Test to show they are improving and within the 4 years they will be expected to reach the national levels for civilians.

Where Will The Funding Come From -

By now a few of you more politically aware people will be asking, how do i fund such a scheme. Well there are certain reasons people become unfit. Smoking, Fast Food, Laziness, Drinking etc. I eventually plan on taxing fast food through the roof. PEople who want to harm themselves by eating junk food should be required to pay through their noses to do so. The money payed for Gym membership will also partly cover the scheme.

The Consequences of a Failed Test -

The ID card system is not a new concept. Only i plan on taking this a step further. a magnetic strip holding vital infomation. Fast food vendors will all have machines capable of reading certain information. People who failed their most recent test will have the ability to purchase fast food denied to them through the info on these ID cards. You will also be required to parade at the local gym for remedial physical training where you will try to get yourselves fit enough to pass the test, you will be permitted one retest for free and all subsequent retests will cost a fee.

this is just a basic outline of a certain plan. in the coming weeks there will be more party political broadcasts

Remember A HEALTHY BODY IS A HEALTHY MIND vote Boskovic now

feel free to post your comments or any ideas you might have
BoskovicRegime said:
feel free to post your comments or any ideas you might have


Oooooh, thank you! The COs don't normally let us post our ideas on this forum - you're my hero!


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theoriginalphantom said:
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thats pretty good, i liked some of the ideas and may implement them into my party. i agree 100% on the deportation of imigrated criminals. why should we pay for them to live in our prisons or thier court fees when they cant live by our laws