the border regiment

anyone out there have any useful links / sites on the border regt? just managed to get a capbadge verified from a photo.i do know that they were in the far east.

The Border Regt museum in Carlisle Castle would be a good start. I visited in the summer, and was pleasantly surprised with the place.
You might want to read 'Quartered Safe Out Here' by George MacDonald Fraser, describes his life as a young soldier with The Border Regiment during their time in Burma. The Border Regiment had an outstanding reputation during WW2.


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slopey_shoulders said:
anyone out there have any useful links / sites on the border regt? just managed to get a capbadge verified from a photo.i do know that they were in the far east.
My mother's brother, my Uncle Jack, served with 2 Borders in Burma. He was KIA during the advance up the Irrawaddy on St Patrick's Day, 17 March 1944, the day before his 29th birthday. I have in my possession the letter written to his widow by his OC. It is worth noting that they were so busy during the offensive that it took seven weeks (letter is dated 8 May) before the situation stabilised sufficiently for him to sit and write all these letters.

You have seen mentioned the museum in Carlisle. As a child, I used to be taken on holiday to Cumberland and every time, my mother and I would make a trip to Carlisle Cathedral. I never really understood why until the last time we went. She went white, wept and was very tearful for the rest of the day. Her trips to the Cathedral were solely to look at the Border Regiment Book of Remembrance. Every day the page was turned. On this occasion she found the book open on the page remembering her beloved brother.

You've also seen reference to GM Fraser. He was commissioned from 2 Borders into the Gordons. If you look out for "The Complete MacAuslan", the complete anthology of his stories about the dirtiest soldier in the world, you'll find a couple of indirect references to the Borders including, toward the end, the mention of a friend called Jack who died up the Irrawaddy. I'd like to think GMF is a friend of the family.

I was able to find Uncle Jack's commemoration at the Commonwealth War Graves Commission war memorial in Rangoon (if you know someone, you can search at and be surprised at what they hold).

Sadly I have had higher priority work than investigating Uncle Jack, but I wish you all the best of luck in your searching. My initially searching involved a lot of Googling and was quite fruitful, but I didn't take notes at the time.
many thanks to all who have replied on here- i was on a tour to arnhem this year and was stood on the westerbouwing heights which was the only objective captured and held (apart from the bridge by frost and men!) it was captured by the border regt or a batt of them, the badge is proudly displayed on the hotel wall there. while there i managed to find out that the badge on my granddads hat is that of the border regt- along with an epaulette title"borders" also visible are the letters SEAC across the upper arm - also has 2 stripes on lower forearm(backwards?). if i knew how to put his photo on here i would. i ordered the book" quartered safe out here" awaiting its arrival. my mother is dealing with the national archives on my behalf as my gran is still living the service records will go to her. will keep people posted.

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