The Border Fox

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Jaeger, Feb 24, 2008.

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  1. Just found this on an Irish website, don't know the original source though I'm sure many old S.Armagh hands will remember Dessie!

    Sunday, February 24, 2008

    By Alan Murray

    The notorious former republican terrorist dubbed the 'Border Fox' has been attending Gospel meetings.

    Reliable sources say Dessie O'Hare - who is suspected of up to 30 murders - is professing to be "saved".

    But his presence at meetings of a small Protestant congregation in south Armagh is causing distress to relatives of his victims living in the area.

    The ex-IRA and INLA man is also reported to have attended prayer meetings in Dundalk in recent weeks.

    It is understood that while O'Hare's presence has caused unease within the tightly knit south Armagh congregation, leaders of the religious community are prepared to allow him to continue to worship with them.

    No-one connected with the group was prepared to speak about O'Hare's presence at their meeting last week.

    But one Church source in the area, who did not want to be identified, said: "My understanding is that Mr O'Hare has become a Christian believer and has attended religious services recently".

    But one local man, whose close relative was shot dead by republicans, said: "I have been told that O'Hare attended a prayer meeting in this area recently and it has caused upset among victims,

    "It is causing a lot of hurt. This has happened before with terrorists supposedly finding salvation and becoming 'born again' but the victims and their relatives find it hard to accept that such wicked people can be reformed".

    :roll: :roll:

    One thing's for sure, when Dessie does meet his maker he's in for a f**king long interview, coffee and chair not supplied! :roll:
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  3. I will tell you what web site it is

    its www.dessie ohare's personal web site .com

    It is an acknowledged fact that he is hanging around with some nasty hombres in Dublin and

    to be fair to these hombres they are just out and out criminals who dont pretend they are doing the robberies, drug selling etc for a greater
    good- it is suspected he is an enforcer and a debt collector.

    The inla are still very very active- Gardai arrested 6 prominent members
    only yesterday (sat 23 Feb 08) on there way to carry out a kidnapping
    the head inla gangster arrested was one of those who pledged that
    o hare would have nothing to do with terrorism anymore (and how right he is- he is now a full fledged gangster)

    as one who spent months chasing this cnut around Ireland- I cant beleive

    they let this murdering bastadr out.

    If he is seen at a prayer meeting for Protestants- God love them

    they are about to meet the man himself
  4. Yes, there was quite a competition to catch Bag O'Shoite - think it was the civpol eventually got him and even then they couldn't kill the cnut. I do recall hearing they shot him up nicely. Sorry you missed him, hedgie, but he was a smart bird with a quality line of blarney. Mind, some of the brighter players were like that - thought that if they could memorise and deliver six verses of rebel crap it meant they weren't psychopathic murdering thugs. Couldn't get anything right, could you, sh1theads?

    If there's any justice, someone's son or daughter will mallet the fcuking hypocrite on the church porch next Sunday.
  5. It was actually the Irish Army who

    stopped him- and permanently stopped his travelling companiion.

    How the Unit involved didnt manage to permanelty stop his mate but not

    him was

    allways a matter of speculation

    but it was reckoned 40 years in prison was more appropiate

    rather than a quick and painless martydom and a nice statute in

    Mill town cemetry.
  6. If I recall correctly in 1979 an Air Corps gunner managed to nail him with an AP round in an op on around Auchnacloy, but the bastard managed to get away! Went through his legs but he still ran!

    This man has escaped justice so many times!
  7. If they're really Christians, they'll forgive him. Easy to profess religion when it suits. If they trust God then they'll do as he says.
  8. Dunno about that but a patrol from 6Pl, B Coy. 2RGJ (led by a certain young Lance-jack, later to achieve fame for desert wandering and lliterature :wink:) slotted him and two of his mates in Keady in 1979 when he was on some sort of Provo KAPE tour in the town. One of them croaked and the other was paralysed for life (Oh Dear!) and Dessie was hit in the hand I believe.He legged it in a van with his pals blood streaming out of the back and tried to take out an off-duty Prison Officer at his house in the sticks, got two barrels of a shotgun for his trouble by all accounts.

    He was a jammy bugger though!
  9. Quite right to...

  10. Those ROE are still stricter than the yanks'.