The Bondes' Gift

The Postman was retiring after many years on the same round. Every house he delivered to wished him well and gave him a thankyou present. He was overwhelmed,he didn't realise how well liked he was.
As he approached the last house on his round, he thought...well, I won't get anything here, he's a well known mean so and so, but his wife is something else, blonde and beautiful. Just as he was pushing the mail through the letter box, she opened the door and pulled him in and without saying a word took him upstairs and gave him the most mind blowing sex that he'd only previously dreamed of. Afterwards, still without a word, she led him down to the kitchen and gave him a really great lunch, followed by a cup of coffee. As he raised the cup, he saw a
one pound coin on the saucer. " Whats the pound for? " he asked. The blonde replied. " Well, I told my husband this morning, that it was your last day and asked what I should give you. He said " Fuck him, give him a pound...lunch was my idea. "
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