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'The Bomb Squad' - BBC Documentary 13th September

Just watched it on iPlayer, I know they need the intel on the IEDs but there is a part of me that says the things should just be blown up, words cannot describe the way these guys put themselves in harms way day after day. And as for Stringer, I Hope some evil
Bastard in the housing department is not getting back at him because they don't agree
With the war but who in their right mind would put a guy with his injuries at the top of a tower block, it makes you wonder what goes on between their ears. Good job the bloke has got guts, I hope someone sees sense and places him and his family somewhere
Suitable soon. Good luck Stringer.
And what's your evidence that her mum's a slut? You been there and done it, or did she knock you back? Just how did they rip off Craig?

You seem to have an awful lot of insight here which I hope you will share so we can all cry burn the witch which would be so much fun.

I did find it strange that the local people had collected money for him but he didn't have a stair lift or an electric bed. Also where were the RBL? No-one seemed to have done a home assessment or taught the girl how to lift. There doesn't seem to be much care outside Hedley Court, all strange to me.


War Hero
It's on again tonight on BBC 1 Scotland (ch 971 on Sky) for those who missed this & next Tuesday me thinks

Thanks mate - I just came on here to whine that my Sky box screwed it up last night ('Failed - technical error 12', whatever that means). Now set to record again thanks to you!


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Episode |TWO on tomorrow night : BBC One - The Bomb Squad - Upcoming episodes

Duration: 1 hour

For the first time ever, the Ministry of Defence has allowed the work of specialist bomb disposal teams in Afghanistan to be shown.

After a missile strike kills an insurgent laying an IED, bomb disposal operator Rod and his team are dropped into the area by helicopter to investigate. Captured on helmet camera, we see what Rod sees as he is standing over the bomb, which could kill him if he makes one wrong move.

Three months into their tour, Search Team 9 have already taken casualties. They have lost three team members but they're still at the front searching for IEDs and they are about to search one of the most dangerous villages in Helmand
Good call, I'd forgotten this was on tonight.



War Hero
Think its on in Scotland tomorrow, down south tonight? The first episode was very good. Whatever day it's on, I'll watch the 2nd part!

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