The Bomb doctors guide to be a back stabbing wrench !

FF what are you on about you mong. An example would be a good start.

The collective name for AT's is a stab, but more than two is considered a massacre.
We may be strange but not as strange as this thread.

Option 1 - You were/still are p1ssed! Not an adverse comment just a thought.

Option 2 - You have a good link to something we all should see!

Option 3 - You've WAH'd every barsteward who posted on this thread after you.

FFS let us know the suspense is killing me :brilsmurf: :brilsmurf:
theoriginalphantom said:
is a back stabbing WRENCH a REME tool?
Tis true. I've cut and pasted the description out of the catalogue:

Title - Wrench Backstabbing for the use of.
Issue - All tiffies, POT tiffies and Officers of God's Corps.
Use - Sneak up on person which tool is to be applied to. Pat back to ensure that area to be stabbed is clean and smooth (to ensure tool will be undamaged and can be used again). Dig in pointy bit and then twist and tighten until the standard of 'F*cking tight' is achieved.

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