*The Bob Graham 24hr Club - Any ARRSERs in this Elite Club?*

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Gundulph, May 25, 2009.

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  1. As the subject title says, are there any ARRSE Members who have managed to join this small but considerably Elite Club of trekking/running maniacs?! to do it in 48 hours is a considerable feat but to do it in the 24 hours thus enabling you to join "The BG 24 Hour Club" is a truly awesome feat...

    The Bob Graham Round - 24 Hour Club
  2. Went through the main Website and downloaded the total in the Club, a total of 1459 mad barstewards have completed the BG within the 24 hours up to the end of 2008, that's even less than the total that have Summited Everest! 8O

    Reason I have asked the above is a good mate is aiming to become a member of this mad but somewhat 'elite' small Club within the next 4 years, an experienced Lake District wanderer this is his estimate of time needed to get back to the fitness required to complete it ... wonder if there is a Club Tie!

    Just found this: http://www.justgiving.com/bsqn_bobgrahamround from last year, no mention if they made it or not! any RAF Bods on the Site know if these sterling chaps made it?
  3. For an "experienced Lake District wanderer" - 4 years is about right.

    He will need, not just the fell running ability, but a complete and encylopaedic knowledge of the route. Whatever time of year, whatever day he chooses, the weather will close in at some point. If he doesn't know the route and the bearings (from peak to peak) off by heart, he will come unstuck.

    This is a very, very difficult challenge. Slightly less diff than it used to be as the "best route" is now quite widely known.

    If he hasn't already, he should read "Feet in the clouds". Have a look on Amazon.

    Feel free to PM me if you want more info on BG.
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  4. Thanks Clausewitz,

    He is from the area and knows the route inside out, his work has now taken him back to the area hence the reason he now has another chance to join this Elite Club, back in 94/95 he put together a full proposal, with routes/timings/support etc. for his Sqn in Wimbish to attempt this as part of an 'Adventure Training' 8O Package... due to the Regiment commitments at the time there wasn't much chance to train for this and by the half way point, with the weather against them only himself and the Sqn 2 i/c were still in a position to complete the BG in under 24hrs, the decision was made that they would attempt it another time.

    The 4 years is his estimate to get back to fell running fitness...

    Have you completed this yourself Clausewitz? any info by PM would be gratefully received...

    "Feet in the Clouds" now ordered, I have no doubt he'll have this as his book collection is the Dogs when it comes to anything Mountain or Trekking related...

    P.S. You're not Richard Askwith are you :?
  5. Guilty, No 841, when I was still youngish and fit.
    A good day out, not to mention the months of prep, training and recce :D
  6. Try the Paddy Buckley Round in Snowdonia. I'm doing it in June next year with my son when I get home. Only I'm doing the 4 day slacker's version rather than 24 hrs :twisted:
  7. fell runners are scary feckers, I used to go out with one, she used to sleep on party ballons in a silk sheath.
  8. Feet in the clouds is an excellent read. Contains accounts of some very tough blokes (Joss Naylor and Billy Bland are a good start) and women (Helene Diamontedes - spelling my be slightly off there! being one that springs to mind from when I read it) as well as the view of someone who is effectively an outsider. 42 Peaks is also a book worth reading if you are considering it!

    I have been looking into a Bob Graham round attempt but will not even consider having a crack at it until I have got a lot of hours under my belt on the terrain and route that needs to be covered. Stick a search into youtube for Skafell, Borrowdale, Fell Running Descents etc to see how steep and mad some of the climbs and descents are!

    I read on the Para10 site that 3 guys were going for the sub 24 hour membership... I don't know if they have done it successfully or are yet to attempt it. Anyoen know?
  9. Member number 590 June 1989 guilty as charged.

    Clausewitz is right about the weather it will try to stuff you at some point. Plan your start time to give you the best chance, 6 PM is a good start time easy running section in the dark while you are still fresh (if you are going clockwise). When its starts getting light that will lift you spirits as you get to the steeper/harder parts. We marked our maps with compass bearings from each peak and certain other points en route just as a back up to forgetting the route, brain death etc. Food wise take shed loads and not necessarily the stuff you think you want, make it easy to digest stuff you like and good luck. If you have schedules great, if you want some pm me i think I still got mine
  10. Might be worth getting in touch with Sneak mate....I believe he's planning an attempt at some point. He mentioned it when we were doing the Lakeland 50/100.
  11. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Bob Graham

    Lots of info here.

    Helene Diamentides now goes under the name of Helene Whitaker and runs for Ilkley. 20 years ago I was really chuffed to come 10th in the Lyke Wake race (40 something miles in just under 6 hours) Helene was 2nd some 45 mins in front of me.
  12. That same Helene swam across a lake at the end of a KIMM one year, I think it was in the lakes, with her partner and rucksacks just to ensure they won the race, it saved a mile or 2 or running.
  13. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

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