The BNP - your thoughts

Do the BNP repesent you as members (past or present) of the Armed Forces?

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Loathed as I am to add to other threads on the BNP, I thought it might be a worthy exercise to send a clear message to the BNP, from those who have served and are serving.

Walts / Journo's and frustrated civilians need not take part.
But then any numpty can get on and walt and put down another point of view, as can be shown by the sudden change in the voting numbers by unnamed pers. But we all agree they do have the right to think as they do but not agree with it.
No I don't support the bastards, but I do support the right to free speech. ATTN GUARDIAN JOURNO BASTARDS the 2 are NOT the same thing.


This gets tiresome.....and also another place for the Journos to get quotes from. To the hole I reckon.
My thoughts you say?........MMMMMM..........I was just wondering when someone else would show up and start yet another BNP thread?
I support the ideal of returning Great Britain to the nation it once was, united and strong...but I most certainly do not support the BNP's ideals.
Seems only fair to do a Tory and Liebour one too then...
Even though they're French I still think as a bank they're OK?

I don't know what the fuss is all about :?

And the Guardian can quote me on that.
Well, I conducted a survey of the whole British Army that is in the UK last night. 2 said no they don't support the BNP, 1 wanted a white wine (padre ?) and the other 11 wanted 11 pints of wifebeater, 6 cheese & onion crisps, 1 salt & vinegar, 5 pickled eggs, a bag of nuts and 2 packest of pork scratchings.

I conclude that the British Army does not support the BNP (at least not in The Ram, Tidworth)


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They are a bunch of thick, throwback, genetically inferior cretins with social/mental problems that cannot be fixed.

Despite this, they are a political party as legally entitled under the laws of the UK, and as such, have the same rights and protection as any other political party. That means air-time, debating time and voter access.

For the retards on the left wing, that means cancelling democracy in the UK if you want deny them the rights that YOU enjoy.
Funny bunch up this way, amongst others that have secured ward seats, there was an ex Combat 18 guy who was spectacularly dragged from his car and smashed to bits in the street by a couple of random Asian lads he slung something at in the mid 80's, funnily enough his far right activism went into overdrive as soon as he picked himself up and retreated back to a certain friendly boozer, another is ex para reg, a bar room hero who used to think it was hilarious to get steaming in the local conservative clubs then give someone the good news in front of families and kids, abruptly stopped in his tracks by an amiable doorman on his night off, some others are convicted football hooligans, 1 other is ex pongo and stamped hard, many times on his pals grid in a chinese takeaway before firing into the staff (whilst a ward member!) 1 has been spanked for benefit fraud recently and so and so forth.

Griffin came up to this area in 02/03 (?) prior to West Yorks seeing a major rise up in far right f*ckery, the area in particular was classed as 'pure' due to its demographic and the BNP quickly capitalised on the fact that this estate in particular was an untapped well of unemployed, stella soaked f*ckwitts who would bend over and be hooped with the right amount of delivered doctrine, wonky eye visited and gave talks at a couple of pubs and before you knew it you had the comical sight of a throng of crop haired bellends in scruffy jeans and earings dishing out pamphlets and door knocking for support. Im ashamed to say a cousin was well hooked, I asked him what his issues were to which he dialled off the usual cr*p, 'pakis are rounding up girls for blah blah..they dont work ect ect', he wasnt as pally when I pointed out that he hadnt worked since the early nineties and his drug use and fraudulant living at a single mothers residence made him a disgusting drain on sociatel resources....and he stinks of wet dog.

They are c*nts, some ideas have promise, but solutions delivered by miscreants, drug abusers, thugs, convicted fraudsters/sex offenders and social misfits ? You may as well have the TA run the country :D
Markintime said:
I hate the BNP even more than I hate all the other lying politicians.
Oh I dunno. If Nick Griffin and Mandelson were both stood on top of a tower block I would really struggle to decide which to push off first.
On balance it would probably be Mandelson as he is the far bigger threat to the UK.
Be honest, given the oppurtunity to hang either from a lampost which would you choose?


I'd hate Griffen even if he was in the Defenceless Furry Animal Rescue Party - smug, lying, fat tw@t that he is....being a Nazi just pushes his other inadequacies into secondary prominence.....
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