the BNP do they really think we are stupid!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by offog, Mar 22, 2007.

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  1. I have just got a BNP leaflet through the door. Talk about playing to the gallery.

    So if we are to pay less council tax where is the money to come from to pay for more police? Bit of a paradox.

    Well as Scunthorpe is surrounded by countryside there is no green belt. Although its heavy industry is declining most is still covered by the steel works. The parts that are not, are now parks or are redeveloped as industrial estates after being filled in. The only site worth building on is being developed for housing.

    That’s ok then as I do not work it will not take pictures of my car. This is a local council election so WTF are the talking about, revenue from cameras does not go to the council, but it could help fund the police as a requirement above. Not only that but I cannot think of any cameras in this area except for the mobile patrols they have from time to time.

    So the Irish in the UK are not a minority now. Was not the republic removed from the UK in 22. I’m sure if you go to Dublin and tell them that they are part of Britain now you had better have your running shoes on.

    Do these people really think that we are that stupid? It is so transparent as crap that any one able write their name must realise that.
  2. Less council Tax by sacking some of the non jobs (Councillors on £110'00o pa FFS) Less outreach workers means more Police, no More Green Belt Destruction due to Prescott and his mates in development companies.. No more speed cameras. St Georges Day on the p*ss.

    They may be playing to the gallery old chap, but if the mainstream parties won't deal with the issues then I'm afraid someone else will. Could it be that they are beginning to get their sh*t together?

    Thoughts anyone?
  3. Initial thoughts? I really thought you'd manage to keep a lid on it this time Herrenbloke, despite being pinged very early on.

    But in spite of numerous conversations, you just can't help yourself can you?

    Stick to the topics, don't start cutting and pasting in diatribes from various of your favourite websites, or we'll be back to the usual status quo.
  4. The BNP will do very well this may, like it or not...

    'tommorow belongs to me.......'
  5. I remember reading that a labour politician said ( allegedly ) that the only reason the BNP werent gaining seats was due to their political incompetence rather than lack of support........
  6. I'm sorry old boy? What are you on about? There was I inviting discussion on a serious topic in a serious manner and I get censured?

    I used to think we lived in a liberal democracy. Obviously I was mistaken. If you wish to delete my offending post I shall of course bow to your impartiality as a moderator.

    You're not the chancellor are you old boy?
  7. Herrenbloke is the Cad?!?
  8. Afraid not old boy, The Cad is merely The Cad. I have no truck with the BNP I was merely stating the above mentioned policies would strike a note with Joe Public.

    I would vote for anyone if it meant getting a day orf... I am a Cad after all!

    I do not believe in political parties period.. I much prefer the idea of locally accountable representatives, answering to their own respective constituencies.

    Imagine it... politicians answerable to their electorate..
  9. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    I think Herrenbloke/The_Cad is actually a supporter of some Nazi fringe group like the EDP, rather than the BNP per se, but they're all basically cut from the same cloth.

    Isn't that right, Old Boy?
  10. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    'English Democrats' or some such puerile code.
  11. SDP maybe.
  12. If the bnp point out the obvious dosent stop them being NAZIS.Like their website starts out reasonable but dig deep enough .And its all about hating the coloureds jews etc,etc.
    I really deteist the anti fascist mob forever going on about the need to smash the bnp before they take over .Lets face it the bnp shoot themselves in the foot any chance they get .A Nasty bunch of incomptent
    fools who be better off and have more fun playing with the SS walts .
    And leave Poltics to people with a clue .The BNP is the ultimate protest vote the equivlent of a none of the above vote imho. Though even I couldnt bring myself to vote for them.
  13. I may not have made my self clear, this is a local election for county councillors (for want of a better word) not national. Most of these points are national not local. What I want locally is my bin emptied each week not every two weeks. The traffic sorted at the roundabout at the end of the road.

    We are a town so it is quite hard to have inner city problems.

    It is the terms they use and assuming I am an idiot that anger me as much as the other shit they have in the bag ground. Terms like,

    Asylum seekers are different to economic migrants but I am too stupid to know that. And if it were not for the Polish in this area your Sunday chicken would still be living. And I just remembered that the steel works is own by an Indian company now.

    This is a national issue not local. The only one of the BNP’s policies it can produce is more park wardens, and if you have less council tax who is going to pay them.

    As a last thought is this a standard leaflet with just the town changed?
  14. Invariably yes Offog. There will be a standard template, with space allocated for 'local' issues.