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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by chopperharris, Jun 16, 2007.

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  1. As some of you may be aware the powers that be have brought it upon themselfs to move 651 from Odiham to Aldergrove next year to start up a new MASS Sqn. (or save 5 Regt from closing, the choice is yours!!)

    So beware all you Defender/Islander trained Bods out there you might be heading to Ireland next year. Even those of you who thought you leave Ireland next may see yourself staying!!

    There is a strong possibilty that we (The Army) will be taking over Station Flt in Northolt as part of the deal with the RAF taking over King Air. So there we go lads we have a chance of another posting!!

    Great eh!!
  2. Never happen that would be re inventing the wheel and we don't do that do we :D
  3. Well thank God for that. The stale piss smell from the 651 pilots is staring to make the gucci hanger smell.

    I tell you, when they first moved in I thought it was a PFI run by SAGA.


    If this is true it'll be a shame to see them go. A nice bunch of lads who don't think of themselves as 'special', unlike the 7 Sqn techies.
  4. Hang on they resemble that remark :wink:
  5. Anyone able to confirm that 651 Sqn will be receivng 3 more Defenders AL.1s in the near future?.

    Apparently this was reported in a UK aviation magazine recently.
  6. adder
    Please trust little old moi, the last thing UK needs is a military coup judging from the performance of the mob out here.
  7. Ok Jon, 3-2-1 your back in the room!!
  8. Hound Dog ya alive and kicking.
    Seasons greetings, Ows that Old tart ya Aunt Sally doing ?
    Bet she'd like ta see mi telling bone.
  9. Nothing wrong with her mobile Jon, Merry Christmas!
  10. Oh she's mobile too !
    Gets around a bit does she ?
    Appy New Year, us Buddhists had the shopping festival last week.
  11. so wht is happeni to the plank world? apart from the fact they throwing pilots at it left right and chelsea...................