The blunders that killed a veteran

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bad_Omen, Apr 19, 2007.

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  1. The blunders that killed a veteran

    A second World War veteran who won a campaign against the Health Service to provide him and his wife with a drug that could save their sight has died after an appalling series of hospital blunders.

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    Words fail me, they really do. I'm so sorry for this man and his family. I'm so disgusted at a system that can let this happen.
  2. Makes you proud to be British doesn't it? Still, the money saved means we can send more aid to Pakistan etc in order to subsidise their nuclear programme.
  3. This story wouldn't be out of place coming out of communist Russia.

    A disgrace if the detail is accurate.
  4. The really Blair legacy, a country that cant look after its own.
  5. I agree with the Cad. The money saved could be better used funding an arts director for the local NHS trust. What's more important? Lives or post- modern expressionism? I know I'd appreciate a well composed artistic statement on multiculturalism rather than an artery-full of drugs that could well save my miserable, middle-class, white nigga ass.
  6. Never in the field of human conflict has so much been owed to so few.

    I am lost for words, disgusted is all i can think of.
  7. It is a disgrace our government care more about their legacy than the people they are elected to protect and serve!
  8. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Utterly disgusting!
    bLair & his cretins should be ashamed of themselves!
  9. Nice Avatar BuckFelize, always nice to meet a fellow boundah!!

    Blair and his cretinous bunch have no shame, they have no mandate, they are morally bankrupt.
  10. Bliar.....this thread title makes me want to hurt him. Hurt him slowly but effectively, but hurt him so he's never known pain like it. Hurt him like he's hurt every serviceman, civvy and fcuk knows who else in this Great country that he's fcuked up. Then I want to hurt his family in front of him, make them sob with pain and humiliation in front of him. Then I'd kill them in front of him, kids and all, so he'd know his sordid line had ended and he may approach the level of hurt he's made others feel, right before he died a slow miserable death in a pool of his own snot, p1ss and sh1t.

    I'm not normally a religious man but it's a shame he'd never get to heaven, as I'd love him to have to meet all the service personnel this morally and courageously bereft individual has fatally condemned over his years of orifice. Then they could hurt him for eternity.

  11. what a sad sad state of affairs....its disgusting!!!!!
  12. Yes it would - the commies had better care than this before the Wall came down, but I agree, it's a total fcuking disgrace!
  13. I'm in no position to comment on the NHS but this is heart-breaking.
  14. detailed investigation is in progress."
    ie they'll be a whitewash the medical staff won't be punished,probally promoted
    new measures that are implemented will have no effect
    more patients will definitely die
    Welcome to Bliars NHS (1997 to 2007)
    Things will definitely not get better
  15. 6141443 Jelley L H - 2nd Bn The East Surrey Regiment. Aged 87.

    My neighbour, Mr Jelley went into hospital in order that it might be discovered the cause of a minor 'water-works' problem.

    Four days later he was home and was right 'up to speed' doing his own cleaning; shopping; laundry and ironing; and even doing some shopping for me!

    Unexpectedly, approximately two weeks later (I have the exact dates) he was called back into hospital for : 'a minor operation'.

    He had no operation and after twelve days he was discharged to home.

    I had brought in his shopping and I left him attacking a Sainsbury's Fish and Chips with gusto! (This meal was dated 'To be used - five days after the date he ate it).

    48 hours later he was ill - diaorhhea, vomiting. I was ill, same symptoms. For about three weeks he had this sickness, until one day, the District Nurse said he had to go to hospital.

    Two weeks later- he died. Causes: Pneumonia and C. Difficile (community acquired). Community acquired ! How !!

    The hospital (subject of earlier posts by me) FILTHY. The staff: many simply unable to communicate in English. The location: London. When my, legally assisted investigations are complete, this disgusting apology for a Blair type teaching hospital will, metaphorically, be burned down !!