The Blocked Bog Syndorme

When you have had a 'Mega-heavy' Captains-log, one that is classed as 'Turdus Giganticus Bogus Blocus', do you, after you have wiped the old A-hole, and flushed the Loo, carefully watching as the flood waters rises to the WC rim....

(a) Giggle insanely, wander off and leave the WC blocked?

(b) Hope that the next peson who has a 'Mega-Captains-Log' does not flood the WC and the floor?

(c) Hope the next Punter 'sorts it' for everybody?

(d) Blame it on your 92 year old Aunt Gertrude who is just visiting from the local Old Peoples Home?

(e) Do the 'Right thing', be a good Citizen and roll up our sleaves knowing that there are no Marigolds available, reach down the U-Bend and breakup the 'offending' object. Breathe slowly and deeply then thank the Buggery that the whole mess has gone.

(f) Roll up sleave, put arms down U-Bend, fetch offending 'Thingie' out, open Bog window and chuck offending object [in bits] out the window into the back garden. Blame next doors cats for mess. 8O :D

(g) Fetch an 'Asdas' plastic bag then, 'Bag It and Bin it' inlcuding all the toilet-paper sued, in next doors 'Wheelie Bin' as you go out down to the Pub for a skinful?

(h) Giggle insanely, as your already pished, go down Pub anyway for a bit more 'Scottish & Newcacstle' falling down water.... Have a kebab and do the same in the Pubs WC? :roll: :?
A bucket of boiling water will suffice. Bear in mind, if it was poured over your arse you would clear the toilet fairly quickly.

So doe's Mr. Tom Titt.

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