The blind obedience of fools……

Now and again there sometimes comes a small but satisfying opportunity to piss them off. Back in the early nineties a small team of us used to travel every few months from NI to the mainland to brief the next battalion due out on the radios and communications systems they will be using.

We would take with us a selection of radios in a big suitcase which went as packed luggage. Also a briefcase containing the BID equipment was kept with us for obvious reasons. Well even looking at them was classified confidential. So we were given a letter - from the Home Office I think - which basically said these are soldiers on official duty and you cannot look in the bag, no matter what! Any problems ring the number blah blah blah.

Oh how we smiled when they see whats in the big bag and start having kittens (back then they used to x-ray your hold luggage as you went to checkin). But the feeling of satisfaction when you hand them the letter and tell them "sorry not this one". The rise of confusion and frustration when they realise that they cannot do a thing to you. "I'll just put it through the x-ray machine sir", it wouldn't have mattered of course but we just said "no you won't". In the end they realise they have no choice but to let us go through.

I remember one guy in Newcastle I think, who tried to walk off to his supervisor with the case and got all uppity when 3 squaddies physically stopped him.

Sadly now of course I'm as subject to the little hitlers as everyone else.
TopBadger said:
eodmatt said:
Anyone know of a suitibly explosive liquid, strong enough such that say a whole litre could cause a plane crash? I and my Chemistry educated friends don't.
yes. petrol, or a simmilar volatile liquid.
I am informed (by my engineer father) that the most powerful conventional explosive, by weight, is a fuel air bomb.
it follows that if you could get the petrol to evaporate in a suitable enclosed space, and then lit it, you could make a pretty impressive bang, and severly dammage the plane.
of course, it's all academic, as you have to A) find a suitable enclosed space (toilet might work I suppose) B) get enough of the fuel to evaporate without anyone noticing (that takes time) and C) avoid customs spotting you've got a litre of petrol (which of course smells of...petrol, and is a very difficult smell to hide) when you try to get on the plane.
TopBadger said:
Anyone know of a suitibly explosive liquid, strong enough such that say a whole litre could cause a plane crash?

Yes thanks

I and my Chemistry educated friends don't.

The most explosive liquid is Nitroglycerin... but even in its liquid viscous form it is highly unstable (i.e you couldn't carry it without it exploding) so Nobel had to mix it with stuff to make it safe, even Gels aren't stable and they don't flow like water. Which is all in addition to the fact that you wouldn't drink them if asked to...

If it looks like water and the punter will drink it, it ain't dangerous.

What - a suicide bomber afraid of death? A walt Jihaddi perchance!

However, a group of Jihaddists could all take on a pouch each filled with several 100ml quantities of Gels to be mixed together onboard...

What, they haven't done this yet? Anyone guess why? Yep, its easier to just hijack the plane...

Rules for rules sake, or more sinisterly to convince the proles their being looked after...
Or it is perfectly possible to manufacture some explosives from various fluids.

A litre of water weighs 1 Kg. If you don't think 1 Kg of explosive is dangerous it means that you haven't been near 1Kg of explosives when it goes bnag and don't understand the theory of brisance, overpressure and the chemistry of explosives in general.
I sympathize with EODMATT...the practice of search and enforcement of security regulations in UK airports makes I laff. I flew last year on an internal flight and having put my gear through the scanner was a bit surprised to find two shotgun cartridges in my pocket. I had forgotten about them the previous Saturday. A couple of weeks later having gone flightside I found an Opinel knife (folding French hunting knife, wooden handle) in my carry-on...

Yet people make me remove my belt or shoes. If I was going to use a belt to destroy an airliner, I wouldn't need to stuff it with explosives. I would merely garotte a selection of cabin crew and passengers before kicking a hole into the flight deck at my leisure...
Apparently they still make the pilots go through all the same airport screening. Because it's not like they could just crash the plane or anything...
Still makes me laugh that my leatherman micro and nail clipers are considered "lethal weapons"....

Whats the score on razors now adays?
oh the joy of bring the crypto wagon back through customs in Dover/Teesport.

Every wagon in the convoy being searched until they reach mine - Nope I'm not going to open it so go away.

Small but very pleasurable victory over the forces of Fcukemaboutism.
TopBadger said:
Airport security is another one... why stop people taking bottled water though security when leaving the EU, when you can fly back into the EU from outside (e.g. Turkey) with a full litre of pretty much whatever you like?

If you can blow up a plane with a bottle of water then fair play i reckon - should get a nobel prize for discovering new science.
Birmingham airport, where you get frisked by closet homos intent on finding those "sharps", glass bottles or flamable liquid, then when they can't find anything they let you through into the lounge where you can buy any number of "sharps" and large glass bottles containing flammable spirits.

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