The blind obedience of fools……

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Furryturd, Jul 21, 2009.

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  1. In the past two weeks I have witnessed 3 examples of regulations brought which punish the masses in order to protect a small number of stupid people or to deal with a situation that doesn’t need dealing with but is thought to be a risk by those who don’t understand how the world realy works.

    Clacket Lane Services on the M25 where I was proudly told by the woman in the shop how many times a week she refuses to sell Red Bull or similar products to under 16s. Apparently it is company policy although the same 15 year old can walk into the Coasta Coffee franchise 10 metres from the shop and buy a double espresso without regulation.

    Tesco’s in Southsea where a woman in her late forties was refused the sale of alcohol because she was accompanied by her early 20s son who did not have his passport with him. He was obviously over 18, I have a goldfish who could have judged his age and anyway it was his perfectly respectable looking mother who was doing the shopping but happened to have a bottle of wine in her basket.

    B & Q where they now won’t sell white spirit unless you can prove you are 21, not 18 but an arbitrary 21. White spirit is a mild irritant which cause respiratory discomfort, it contains no alcohol and provides no benefit to those stupid enough to drink or snort it beyond a headache and red eyes.

    Has anyone else come across poor regulation being applied by deeply unintelligent regulations recently because I seem to be surrounded by the Labour Party’s attempts to prevent natural selection and normal people going about their lawful lives?
  2. Much as I agree with your irritation, it's the shops making these rules up, not the Government. I suspect the rules are to cover themselves from people who get over-caffeinated/pissed/white spirit in their eye when they should have had supervision from someone competent.

    Also, I reckon the reason they say 21 not 18 is because a slightly dodgy ID (which I would never have had ;)) would normally say 19- just enough to get you served in a bar.
  3. Airport security is another one... why stop people taking bottled water though security when leaving the EU, when you can fly back into the EU from outside (e.g. Turkey) with a full litre of pretty much whatever you like?

    If you can blow up a plane with a bottle of water then fair play i reckon - should get a nobel prize for discovering new science.
  4. taking your crash helmet off in petrol stations to buy fuel, tosssssers!

    it's the overly litigious 'sue every ******' culture that's got us these poxy rules
  5. Does Sainsbury's having an Age Check on ppl buying Eggs count?
  6. Yeah, cos no-one ever used a crash helmet to hide their face from CCTV when they robbed the place.
  7. Yeah because robbers never cover their faces do they? Try walking in a bank or most shops with your helmet on.
  8. The UK Border Agency have a tight stranglehold on my faeces these days. It's as if they've finally gotten through the stage of active unpleasantness, been stunned into a passive blanket application of every regulation without thought and have now decided to award points for every instance in which their can creatively interpret regulations to **** people about for no purpose. Why would a Canadian girl called Campbell be refused a student visa for not providing ATAS clearance when her course (English Literature) blatantly doesn't even require it? Hardly an obvious terrorist risk.

    I'm not normally one to jump on the Public Sector-bashing bandwagon, but that lot could clearly benefit from the liberal distribution of lethal injections.
  9. Poke your little badger nose in here;
  10. I must admit, the world has gone mad, a 19 year old can die for his country, but he cant buy alchohol from a supermarket, its total shite and its down to the PC treehugging lefty ******* who own the HSE, and run this country.
  11. You cant fly with a freezer block (in a frozen state) through UK airports! Got stopped last week with the baby's milk in a freezer block pouchy thing!
  12. shops can and do get fined if they sell to under 18's get a dozen 17yr old and a dozen 18 year old spot the difference. probably going to be not got Grey hair produce id :roll:
    age check on eggs usually around Halloween saw a gang of scroates refused
    a shed load of eggs and bags of flour unlucky :D
  13. Micro leatherman, the next best thing to an IED, according to the jobsworth at The Welsh Assembly
  14. You sir, have hit the nail on the head!
  15. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Yes it does.....bloody cretinous.

    4 teenagers buying eggs and flour is a common sense decision but age checking?

    It is like the age check on solvents. I know one person who died sniffing glue and he was 22 so he would have been sold it by the Stalinists anyway.

    60 million people inconveninced by a misguided desire to avoid the peasantry evolving.