The BLESMA Challenge Coin - Would You Buy One?

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by k13eod, Nov 10, 2010.

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  1. For those of you who have bought one of UK Challenge Coins Limited Edition Poppy Coin, you may be aware from the thread that Gundulph and MittMayo were open to the suggestion of producing a BLESMA Challenge Coin. The coin is now in it's final design stage and awaiting final approval from BLESMA HQ. Once approved the coin will be offered for sale not only here but also to BLESMA members for £10 with £4 from the sale of each coin going directly into the coffers of BLESMA. Much needed money for the association that will be used in rehabilitation events to assist members.

    Thanks to both Gundulph & MittMayo here's the design ...
  2. The jigsaw piece represents the missing bits of members ... cracking idea from MM :)
  3. Definatly put me down for one, how soon do you think you can get it up and running?
  4. Yeah i'll have one.
  5. I would purchase one.

    Great idea!

  6. I'll have one, ta!.....For some reason, I always thought 'Ex-Service Men' was one word!
  7. Should the apostrophe be after the s in "men's" since it's a plural possession?

    When the possessor is single we indicate possession by using an apostrophe followed by the letter s:

    The man’s coat
    my sister’s hat

    When the possessors are plural, the apostrophe is placed after the final s:

    The girls’ bicycles
    my cousins’ parents
  8. i will have one.

  9. No, because 'men' is already plural and thus, would be apostrophe 's' to show possession to the plural.....or summat like that! :grin:
  10. Looking at the example above, I would say that "girls" is also already plural......are there any English language teachers in here?!?!
  11. Put me down for one.
  12. That's as BLESMA spell it; Ex-Service Men's seperate and with the apostrophe. I've already been told off for getting it wrong!

    If you want to be pedantic we have members who are still serving so clearly not ex, female members and some that haven't even lost a limb but use of limb(s) or eye(s)!
  13. I wasn't being pedantic, I truly thought it was one word and that was all!

    Edited to add that I was in no way detracting from the organisation, nor the coin.
  14. You're not the only one, I fecked it up Royally to begin with, spelling Allez Uber De Platz until told off by K13_EOD...

    Anyway, it's not a Coin for "The Association of English professors" Thank $&*^ :)