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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Squaddy5, Jul 9, 2011.

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  1. Hi all,

    I need to improve my bleep test result, does anyone have any specific technique training hints and tips to assist me? I'm also looking for an MP3 version of the bleep test? If anyone could give me a steer that would be great.

  2. Canteen cowboy

    Canteen cowboy Book Reviewer

    I've used Bleep test pro on my iPhone straight from the app store. You can choose the 15 or 20 metre shuttles. I've just been doing it a couple of times a week around my normal training and each time set myself a higher level / shuttle number to reach. Do this and you'll improve pretty quickly.
  3. Got it cheers, so basically just keep doing the test? Slight problem on the audio though as I only own a £10 mobile from Tesco. Ideally I need an MP3 version.

    I'd like to get up to a level where I can get 100 points on a PFA Bleep Test.
  4. I used to use the bleep test as training when I did a lot of Army running and coaching (ran 800m and 1500m at a high level).

    One of the sessions I used to improve my sprinting part and to use on Bleep tests was 50m interval session on a tartan track and another was pyramid training. So either run a set ammount of 50m at varying % jogging 20-30 metres either side of it. Pyramid training was running 50m fast at around 80% followed by 50m jog then 100m fast followed by 100m jog all the way up to 500m then back down...helping with your stamina but also concentrating on your speed at what ever % you want.

    main thing on Bleep test is practicing your change of direction as you may know......what ever you do running wise its all on keeping your discipline and not going too fast.

    This helped me and a few lads I have coached at very good levels in the Army/Inter services...I did get to level 17.4 so obviously helped me
  5. 17.4 Good effort, I'm lucky if I'm touching 10.2 at the moment which I know scrapes a pass under 30 yrs old. I've just come across an advert on this page for with a bleep test MP3 and CD from Result :D
  6. The tape stopped at 17:4 but not to sure I could of done much more as it is just sprinting when your that high up.....I was a sub 2 minute 800m runner so used to it...last one I did was 10:8 though but over 40 now so still not too bad. Always been 3-2 minutes under my BFT time, even now. Like I said its all about pacing yourself.
  7. I used to run around a football pitch a few times at the end of my normal distance run. Start at a corner jog to halfway then 3/4 flat out to corner, jog along back of goal to next corner then 3/4 flat out to half way, blah blah blah. start with a week at four laps, then a week at five,week at 6 etc. Be disciplined and stick to the number of laps for that week even if you feel you could do more. this is just a variation of a basic training theme.
    with out teaching you to suck eggs, focus on the task, no chatting with your mate or showboating concentrate on maintaining your form throughout, your foot should strike the floor over the line on the bleep. Drive away from the line but try to be easing into the line.
    Good drills on the 17.4 by the way, I bet you don't smoke, my best was 11.5, no shame though I was 47.
  8. It def sounds like I need to get my arrse in gear!
  9. I really really need to get my arrse in gear! It does seem like intervals and pyramid sessions are the way forward.