The Blackburn Buccaneer


Didnt they get retired due to age related stress cracks or was that an excuse? My intro to them was whilst at secondary school in the 70's one ploughed in at Boscastle showering the town with unfired rounds.
Didnt they get retired due to age related stress cracks or was that an excuse? My intro to them was whilst at secondary school in the 70's one ploughed in at Boscastle showering the town with unfired rounds.
It didn't have a gun.
It didn't have a gun.
True but I bet Ugly did even then. Buc's unfired rounds indeed. I say it was ugly in the bell tower with a Bren.


No weapons pod at all? Sounds unusual, mind you thats the excuse the plod gave the school for stopping the school buses for Boscastle leaving at close of play!
I suppose it could have been some other plane, time to google the crash!


Ah my memories are indeed fuddled, twas a Hunter
Didnt they get retired due to age related stress cracks
No, that was me.

There's a sort of drama documentary book called "Phoenix Squadron" about the Buccaneers and other aircraft aboard the old Ark Royal. The drama bits aren't great but the documentary stuff is quite interesting.
I was serving on the Hermes in 1970,we were doing interception exercises West of Spain with the USS Zippo,sorry I meant Forestall,the idea being to get as close to the opposing carrier before being detected,and 'intercepted, by the opposition aircraft.

It had been going on for about 3 days,and the fixed wing squadrons on the 'H' were getting mighty pissed off with the American umpires,who were invalidating a lot of the 'attacks',because the radar crews on the Zippo were so shit hot.....not,cheating moi?

At sparrows on the 4th day a Bucc,and a Sea Vixen rolled off the front end having decided to go for broke,the SV came in as low as possible from the port side,and was eventually picked up,the Bucc came in line astern,popped up at the last minute,did a 'roller' down the angle,and transmitted in clear "bang your dead",then recovered to the 'H'.

Our colonial cousins went pear shaped,the pilot got a dig from the Comd (Air),and then got lashed up in the wardroom.

At the Endex wash up,the Americans came clean and admitted,that out of 24 sorties flown by the Buccs over the 3 days,they only picked up 9 that wouldn't have got through,the rest would have splashed the Forestall with no problems and were totally amazed at how low it flew,and was flown.

The Americans were also impressed with the flight deck crew on Hermes,as it was proved over the 3 day period that they were launching and recovering cabs quicker with just the 2 Bow Cats,than Forestall with 2 Bow Cats,and 2 Waist Cats going of the angle,and yes at low flying they were definitely the Dogs DooDa's.
My enduring memory of the Bucc was from an airshow at what was then RAF Abingdon in the eighties - A damp, dismal day, drizzle drenching everything, cloud base at best a couple of hundred feet, and **** all was flying. Then came the Buccaneer's slot - and a highlight of a fast pass, flat out about fifty feet off the deck, shockwaves of vapour flaring off the nose and wingtips - awesome.


No already sorted it was a Hunter. Sorry
When I was in the ATC we were told that the Bucc could fly so low because of 'ground effect'. A quick Googgle shows quite a few hits for a 'Buccaneer ground effect' search, so is it true?
What always impressed me was the size of the fecker..... theres on sitting in the forecourt of the Buccaneer garage in Elgin that we used to drive past on the way to Lossie.... shes a big old heavy looking girl
I wish someone would post the film taken by the septics at Red Flag when the Buccs' first went there. Evidently, they were quite "shocked" by the low-flying antics, to say the least. There is some film of the trip taken from one of the aircraft but the clip spoken of was taken from the ground.
if you have the cash you can go to thundercity in south african and go for a fly in one and a lighting bet his neighbours love him :)
where will young filmed his top gun piss take.


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Standing on a sand dune at Magilligan point with a BBC Camera crew, the Buck from "Ark Royal" went past bellow us, causing everyone to dive for cover, most of us never caught sight of the first one just the roar

After crash-landing his first flight on to a beach near Saltburn in North Yorkshire, Leeds-born Robert Blackburn attempted another flight of his redesigned monoplane, the Mercury, in April 1911 and this time with success. He flew along the beach at Filey, 50 feet above the ground with an average speed of 50mph.

He later went on to find the Blackburn Aircraft Company, which designed and built over 80 different aircrafts including the Mercury and Buccaneer. The company was also the main manufacturer of the Swordfish, which was used during the Second World War.
With the original base in Leeds, an additional workshop was established in Brough in 1916. After Robert Blackburn's death in 1955 the company was then acquired by Hawker Siddeley, which then merged into British Aerospace and is now BAE systems.

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